• Associate Professor, Civil And Environmental Engin
  • Associate Chair - Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering - Asia Campus, Civil And Environmental Engin

Current Courses

Fall 2022

  • CVEEN-5305
    Intro to Foundations
  • CVEEN-4910
    Pro Pract. & Design II
  • CVEEN-4900
    Prof. Practice I

Summer 2022

Spring 2022

Entrepreneurial Experience

  • Broadway Industrial Group Limited. 2012 - 2012. Employees:
    Comments: Broadway Industrial Group Limited, Singapore, EPS Geofoam Application for Soft Ground Site in Shanghai, China, 2012
  • Macro Industurial. 2012 - 2012. Employees:
    Comments: Consolidation and EPS Settlement Calculations for El Nido Airport Expansion, El Nido Philippines, 2012.

Professional Organizations

  • 2017 - 2018. Position : Organizing Committee, Technical Committee and Panel Member.
  • 2015 - 2016. Position : Technical Committee Member.
  • 2015 - present. Position : Member.
  • 2014 - 2018. Position : Organizing Committee Member.
  • 2014 - present. Position : Team Leader - Next Generation Liquefaction Lateral Spread Database.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy incorporates the science and practice of engineering through an integrated curriculum that mixes theory with practice. Civil engineering students need to acquire skills in planning, analyzing, designing, constructing, and operating engineered systems.  This requires development of creative thinking, theoretical and practical knowledge, problem solving, self-confidence, teamwork, professional ethics and social responsibility. Theoretical knowledge is the science of engineering and permits one to explore the reasonableness of assumptions and to generalize or extrapolate ideas to new situations with greater confidence.  This knowledge is obtained from the principles of mathematics, physics, mechanics, dynamics, chemistry, geology and biology and explains the fundamental behavior of engineered systems.  However, theoretical knowledge is not sufficient to practice engineering. Applied learning, or engineering judgment, is also needed.  A skilled engineer must develop a sense of proportion and reasonableness of his or her design based on precedent and available construction techniques.  Thus, a contemporary engineer must be knowledgeable of modern materials, equipment and construction practices to be successful.

Courses I Teach

  • CVEEN-5305 - Intro to Foundations
  • CVEEN-4910 - Pro Pract. & Design II
  • CVEEN-4900 - Prof. Practice I
  • CVEEN-7990 - Cont Reg-Ph D
  • CVEEN-6330 - Soil Dynamics
  • CVEEN-2410 - Geomatics
  • CVEEN-2410 - Geomatics
  • CVEEN-1000 - Intr Civil Envirnm Engg
  • CVEEN-1400 - Computer-Aided Design
  • CVEEN-2000 - Seminar
  • CVEEN-6920 - Adv Topics
  • CVEEN-6920 - Adv Topics

Former Students

  • Nadereh Adham, . Role: Chair.