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Thirty years’ experience in solving problems and managing innovation and change in challenging corporate, academic and government positions in many functional areas and industries.  I have served as an executive officer, consultant, technology developer or educator for corporations and government agencies in the United States, Europe and China.  My major focus has been the alignment of strategy, organizational structure and information systems.  The current business environment requires a sense of urgency.  Areas of experience include:


  • Strategy Development & Execution
  • Ecommerce
  • Enterprise Systems Planning & Integration
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Entrepreneurship & Corporate Development
  • Financial Planning & Control
  • Business Organization & Restructuring
  • International Business
  • Government/Industry Technology Policy
  • Government Administration
  • Application Systems Development
  • Management of Research & Development
  • Venture Capital
  • Technology Management




Hewlett-Packard China                                                    Shanghai, China            2008 - 2012

Chief Technology Officer  (2011-2012)

Technology & Business Development (Senior Advisor)


ZhongGuanCun Science & Industrial Park                   Beijing, China                        2007 – 2011

Senior Business Development Advisor


Int’l Trade Policy Advisory Agency                                 Beijing, China             2009 – 2011

Senior Advisor


China-European International Business University       Shanghai, China      2011

Beijing University                                                                Beijing, China          2010

International Business Plan Competition Judge


Hainan Province, Sanya City                                                                                 2011 - 2012

Senior Business Development Advisor


Microsoft Corporation Research Lab                                  Beijing, China         2010

Technology Commercialization Advisor


Beijing University Business Incubator                               Beijing, China         2007 – 2009

Senior Business Development Advisor


Chong Ching Grain Company                                           Chong Ching, China           2010

Senior Business Advisor


GuangCai 49 Investment Corporation                              Beijing, China          2006 – 2007

Senior Advisor: Business & Technology Evaluation

Investment Banking Management Training


Beijing SASAC                                                                     Beijing, China         2006-2007

Executive Training and Development for State-Owned Enterprise Chairmen


CUNA Mutual Insurance Group     Madison, Wisconsin                                                1990 – 1997

Senior Vice President and Member of Corporate Executive Committee

Chief Information Officer, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Strategic Officer

Responsible for corporate strategy development including product lines, marketing, organizational structure and corporate resources, information systems technology: application development, data center and network operations, executive education, total quality management, and business unit performance review.  Planned mergers and acquisitions.  Chaired task force and wrote plan to completely reorganize the marketing and sales function.  Developed national computer network connecting CUNA Mutual directly to its financial institution customers.  Consolidated division and subsidiary I/T organizations and systems achieving major cost savings and increased effectiveness.  Led introduction of LAN-based application systems to supplement and replace legacy mainframe systems.  Served on financial services subsidiary executive management teams.  CUNA Mutual does business in over sixty countries.


Enterprise Development Center       Washington, DC, Boston, China             1983 - 1990

(Originally Incorporated as Potomac Consulting Group)                                                         1998 – 2005

President and CEO

Delivered management consulting and systems services to many Fortune 500 corporations in the areas of business strategy, organization, information systems, business development, process reengineering, executive education, technology evaluation and planning, finance, product development, corporate valuation, mergers and acquisitions, and marketing. (See Selected Case Studies)


Harvard Law School                         Boston, Mass                                                              1983

Visiting Professor

Designed curriculum and taught Third-Year Seminar on Technology and the Law that explored issues of intellectual property protection, regulation, and the application of computer systems to the legal system and law practice, and identified legal issues in technology commercialization.  Carried out research on Law Practice Support Systems.


Federal Judicial Center                  Washington, D.C.                                          1981 – 1982

Director of Technology & Systems (CIO & CTO) GS-17

As Chief Technology Officer, was responsible for technology and systems strategy, government technology policy, procurement and nation-wide standards.  Managed all major information systems development, data center and network operations, and implementation within the entire U.S. Federal Court System, including appropriation budgeting, fiscal and organizational control.


Harvard Business School                            Boston, Mass                                                   1976 – 1981

Associate Professor

Developed curriculum and taught Information Systems Management, Management Accounting & Control, Doctoral Seminars on Technology Strategy, Executive Education, and developed large-scale simulation (MBA Management Game).  Directed Computer-Based Systems Field Study Program for MBA Students for projects within major corporations and development of a industrial liaison program.  Carried out research in strategy, structure and information systems with emphasis on organizational decentralization and distributed data processing.  National Science Foundation Principal Investigator for project on large-scale information systems and government regulatory systems.  Continued research on advanced (intelligent) computer systems for court management.  Research in office automation, expert systems database systems, legal information systems, and management of technology.


Federal Judicial Center                  Washington, D.C.                                           1975 – 1976

United States Supreme Court Judicial Fellow

Founded and organized the Judicial Systems Laboratory including all staff, computational and network facilities for Federal Courts nation-wide.  Developed and implemented applications on schedule and within budget, for case-flow management of Criminal and Civil Cases in the Federal Courts.  Wrote and published government technology policy documents, technology evaluations and research reports on many aspects of court management, technology and organizational procedures.


Carnegie-Mellon University           Pittsburgh, PA                                                1972 – 1975

Computer Science Dept. and Graduate School of Industrial Administration and (Joint Appt.)

Assistant Professor

Developed curriculum and taught courses in computer science, technology strategy and management, information systems management, large-scale database systems, mathematical logic and theory of computation, artificial intelligence, and programming system design.  Directed the Doctoral Orientation (intensive) Course for Computer Science.  Research in Management Information Systems, software reliability & testing, automated programming, expert systems, artificial intelligence, and office automation.


Stanford University (Computer Science Dept.)     Palo Alto, CA                                   1968 – 1972

Graduate Student, Research & Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant for courses in computer operating systems and programming systems design.  Research in large-scale database and logical inference systems, automatic program generation, problem solving, artificial intelligence, industrial robotics, and business applications of advanced intelligent systems.


IBM Corporation                              Los Gatos, CA                                             1967 – 1968

Advanced Systems Development Laboratory

Associate Programmer

As Project Manager, designed & developed prototype for intelligent workstations – the precursor for distributed data processing and PCs.  Wrote and published influential internal research report.


Sperry Utah Company                     Salt Lake City, UT                                       1966

Systems Programmer

Designed and programmed guided missile flight simulation programs in Fortran and Assembly Language.