• Professor, Geology & Geophysics

Software Titles

  • wiDButil. R utilities for discovering and downloading data from the Waterisotopes Database API . Release Date: 05/2020. Inventors: G Bowen.
  • assignR. Software for assigning biological samples to region-of-origin based on stable isotope data. Release Date: 11/2019. Inventors: Bowen G. J., Ma C.*, Vander Zanden H. B. and Wunder M. B. Distribution List:
  • JPI_marine. Software for quantitative interpretation of paleoclimate proxy data using Bayesian hierarchical models. Release Date: 11/2019. Inventors: Bowen G. J. Distribution List:
  • SPATIAL-Lab/SteadyStateHOModel . Modeling software for H and O isotope ratios of animal consumers. Release Date: 09/2019. Inventors: Magozzi S.* and Bowen G. J. Distribution List:
  • wiSamples. An iOS app supporting water sample collection for isotope analysis. Release Date: 07/2018. Inventors: Sequiera K.* and Bowen G. J.
  • Waterisotopes Database Portal. Freely accessibly web portal providing access to the Waterisotopes Database, a research tool and public resource developed by Bowen's SPATIAL group. Release Date: 04/28/2017. Distribution List:


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