• Adjunct Associate Professor, College Of Law - Dean


Rose Lindsay-Guimarães is a Staff Attorney at the Disability Law Center, which is Utah’s congressionally mandated Protection and Advocacy Agency for persons with disabilities in the State of Utah. Ms. Lindsay-Guimarães represents individuals in disability-related employment discrimination matters before the Utah Antidiscrimination and Labor Division, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and in the federal district court for the District of Utah. She also engages in investigations regarding allegations of abuse and neglect of disabled youth and adults in institutionalized settings in the State of Utah. Prior to joining the Disability Law Center, Ms. Lindsay-Guimarães was a Staff Attorney at the Federal Defender Program in Chicago, Illinois, where she represented hundreds of people accused of federal crimes in the Northern District of Illinois from arrest through appeal to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. She was also an Adjunct Professor of Law at Loyola University Chicago School of Law where she taught legal writing, advocacy, and advanced writing for the practice of criminal law. Ms. Lindsay-Guimarães earned her law degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law. She also holds a B.S. in biology from the University of Utah and a B.A. in philosophy from Brigham Young University.