Michael Johnson, PhD, APRN portrait
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Psychiatry


  • BS, Biology-Neurobiology, University of Utah
  • MSN, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, University of Utah. Project: Neuroscience for clinical practice
  • PhD, Psychology, University of Utah. Project: The Neuromagnetic Correlates of Induced Compassion in Advanced Zen Practitioners


Michael Johnson has degrees in neurobiology, as  a psychiatric  nurse practitioner, and a PhD in psychology. His work has involved using state of the art neuroimaging methods (MEG, EEG, MRI) to examine spiritual  states and traits in religious/spiritual practitioners including the generation of compassion.  He has worked throughout his career in child psychiatric clinical practice, and on numerous behavioral genetics and neuroimaging projects. He currently teaches  models of neuroscience integrating brain and mind to clinical practitioners in training within the College of Nursing. He continues to work on research projects devoted to his primary interests.