• Interim Head of Graduate & Undergraduate Services, Marriott Library
  • Librarian, Marriott Library

Research Statement

I provide research and reference help for University of Utah students and faculty, teaching library research skills for researchers in the social sciences and humanities.  My primary interests are; the changing environment of academic libraries from a leadership perspective, how libraries participate in and build communities on campus & broader contexts, and teaching information literacy on a level that fosters inquisitive motivation to see what is going on in multiple 'silos' of disciplines/knowledge other than the one you happen to find yourself in.  In addition, I am fascinated by how practical library teaching in the university environment could be applied to larger communities in the general public who are in the midst of an era of change highlighted by 'fake news', doubt in mass media integrity, and societal change in how we as individuals decide what is 'good enough' in a world of information overload. 


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