Abe  Bakhsheshy
  • Professor (Lecturer), Department of Entrepreneurship and Strategy
  • Professor/Lecturer of Organizational Behavior, Entrepruensship and Strategy, School Of Business Dean
  • Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Professor and Director, University of Utah, School Of Business Dean


  • Doctoral degree in Ed. Administration and Human Resources Management, PH D, University Of Utah


Dr. Abe Bakhsheshy is the University of Utah Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Professor and Director and Professor and Lecturer of Organizational Behavior at the Eccles School of Business.

 He has more than 37 years of leadership experience, including seven years of executive level position in overseas working with multinational corporations.

 In 2017 Dr. Abe received the State of Utah Chamber of Commerce and United Way, New Pioneer American Dream Award, as well as the 2017 Maters Teaching Excellence Award.

He is a four -time recipient of the Executive MBA Distinguished Teaching Award,including the year 2018. Two-time recipient of the Professional MBA Excellence in Teaching Award Including the year 2015, Two Times Recipient of the Masers Teaching Excellence Award, The 2015 United States Higher Education Excellence in Teaching Award, Two Times recipient of the Brady Superior Teaching Award, including the year 2016, Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Leadership in Ethics Education Award, University of Utah Distinguished Teaching Award, The Marvin Ashton Excellence in Teaching Award and many others. 

His areas of interest in research and teaching include leadership and effective management, human resources management, Emotional Intelligence, ethics and moral quandaries in business, building effective teams, Color Code, and effective health care system delivery.