• Associate Professor (Clinical), Psychiatry


  • Kendrick J, Introduction to Ketamine Therapies to Treat Depression. Invited by Katz Amsterdam Foundation. This presentation was part of their provider education series and included providers across mountain communities in the Northwest. , Accepted, 2021.
  • Panelist discussing Ketamine treatment for refractory depression for Connect Summit County's "UTAH State of Mind" symposium. , Accepted, 2021.
  • Invited by the Utah Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics to be a guest for multiple sessions of their "Virtual Curbside" podcast. , Presented, 2021.
  • Kendrick J, Digital Health in the Rural American West, Improving Population Health – from anywhere, at any time. Discussed SafeUT and other digital health initiatives from the University of Utah at a digital health symposium hosted at Stanford University. , Presented, 2019.
  • Asked by the Utah Chapter of Advanced Practice Nurses to come discuss novel approaches to treating depression at their annual fall conference. , Presented, 2018.
  • Utah Psychiatric Association - Fall Conference. , Presented, 2017.
  • Presenter: Utah State NAMI Conference. , Presented, 2019.
  • Presenter: SDOH Healthcare Delivery Innovation Forum. , , 2019.
  • Presented data from the Department of Psychiatry's Patient Reported Outcomes initiatives at the University of Utah for their first annual U of U Health Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) Conference. , Presented, 2019.
  • Just Over the Horizon: New and Developing Treatments for Refractory Depression Generations Conference 2017. , , 2017.
  • Taking the SHOCK out of ECT: Reducing stigma through review of the evidence about ECT’s use, side effects and efficacy. Generations Conference 2015. , , 2015.
  • Presentation of findings from LEAN project - "Improving New Patient Access at UNI’s Komas Behavioral Health Clinic". , , 2013.
  • Kristi Kleinschmit, MD, James C. Ashworth, MD, Jeremy Kendrick, MD, Rachel A. Weir, MD. GATE Utah: Giving Access to Everyone- A Web-Based Consultation System. Poster session presented at AACAP Anual Meeting, San Francisco. Poster, Presented, 2012.
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  • Ogershok P, Cottrell S, Kendrick J, Maloney C. The Web-Based Pediatric Board Game. Poster session presented at COMSEP Annual meeting. Poster, Presented, 2002.


  • English, Fluent.
  • Spanish, Functional.


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