• Executive Director, University of Utah Center for Community Nutrition
  • Assistant Professor (Clinical), Nutrition & Integrative Physiology


  • A.S. , General Education, Salt Lake Community College
  • B.S. , Speech Communication, University of Utah
  • M.S. , Communication, University of Utah



I attended the University of Utah and received a B.S. in Speech Communication with a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies and an M.S. in Communication Studies with areas of emphasis in Critical Cultural Studies, Critical Rhetoric and Food Studies. My work examines various intersections of communication, culture(s), food, sustainability, and health, with respect to assessing the material functionalities through which these discourses inform disparate critiques of the global food system; and, the varied, generally countervailing, calls for political and social reformations, as taken up and articulated within social movements and structurally interconnected systems such as food, sustainability, farming, emergency food provisions, and health. Currently, I am involved in community engaged research that addresses social determinants of health, health inequities, and food insecurity faced by people experiencing homelessness. I also oversee a range of diabetes prevention programs and community interventions for the University of Utah Center for Community Nutrition. Within these various areas of engagement, I try to focus on reducing barriers and increasing access to equitable and just systems that redress historical and contemporary marginalization. In my free time, I enjoy urban and backcountry foraging, gardening, backpacking, hiking and camping with my wife.