• Director, Biannual International Screendance Festival and Workshop, Modern Dance Department
  • Founding Director, The Graduate Certificate in Screendance, Modern Dance Department
  • Professor, Modern Dance Department
  • Distinguished Professor, School Of Dance

Research Keywords

  • Multimedia Installation
  • Film or Cinema or Video
  • Digital Imaging, New media
  • Digital Imaging
  • Choreography

Creative Research

  • A People in Transition – Preserving Cultural Identity in the Karen Refugee Community - Documentary Media Arts, in progress 08/21/2017.
  • A People in Transition – Preserving Cultural Identity in the Karen Refugee Community - Documentary-in-progress screening at the Sorenson Unity Center Media Arts, completed 04/2016.
  • See "States Rendered" below. Also performed October 25-University of Wyoming, Arts & Sciences Auditorium. Laramie, WY, and November 20- Alberta Bair Theater. Billings, MT, and 2015 California Tour Media Arts, completed 12/31/2015.
  • "States Rendered," Video design commissioned by the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company for world premiere of new work by NY choreographer Doug Varone, for 50th Anniversary season, Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, SLC. Also performed October 25-University of Wyoming, Arts & Sciences Auditorium. Laramie, WY, and November 20- Alberta Bair Theater. Billings, MT Media Arts, completed 04/2014.
  • "Deborah Hay, Not as Deborah Hay," documentary, subject and performance by choreographer and Judson, Postmodern Dance Artist, Deborah Hay -2014 Yale University Art School, in conjunction with exhibition of Perception Unfolds Oct-Dec, New Haven, CT -2014 Blanton Museum of Art, screening in conjunction with premiere of new work by Ms. Hay entitled: Perception Unfolds, Austin, Texas -2014 KRLU TV Austin, excerpts in Arts in Context: Perception Unfolds Media Arts, completed 03/2014.
  • "Motion Studies," Silent Film - 2014 Library of the French National Dance Center (la Médiathèque du Centre National de la Danse), included in curated collection, Paris, France Media Arts, completed 02/2014.
  • Media Design for Installation/Performance, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art and the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Media Arts, completed 08/16/2013.
  • "Botany’s Breath", video design for site specific performance for Kim Epifano of Epiphany Dance Productions, at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, July, San Francisco Media Arts, completed 07/2013.
  • "GLYPH" - a Multi-Media site-specific performance collaboration for the Utah Museum of Natural History. Collaborators include Media Designer Jim Agutter, Architecture, Composer Ryan Ross Smith from New York. Performance, completed 02/20/2013.
  • MOTION STUDIES (Silent Film) - Carte blanche Festival International de Vidéo Danse, Lyon, France Also publishes in "Le Monde French Newspaper online link: http://bodycinema.blog.lemonde.fr/2013/01/14/motion-studies-ellen-bromberg-2011/:" Media Arts, refereed, completed 12/2012.
  • Molissa Fenley & Peter Boal: The Restaging of 'State of Darkness' - ongoing Webcast Media Arts, in progress 12/2012.
  • "Singing Myself a Lullaby" Documentary - ongoing webcast - •The Research Channel, On-Line Programming, Michigan Public Television http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6XaKOPeyvI Media Arts, completed 12/2012.
  • International screenings of "Deborah Hay, not as Deborah Hay," • 2012 Athens Video Dance Project, Athens, Greece • 2012, Ririe-Woodbury Summer Intensive Screening, The Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, Salt Lake City, Ut • 2012 American Dance Festival’s International Screendance Festival, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina • 2012 What Matters Festival, Siobhan Davies Studio, London, England • 2012 Festival of the Moving Body at SUNY Stony Brook, NY Media Arts, completed 12/2012.
  • "and the snow fell softly on all the living and the dead..." A dance performance in memory of Della Davidson at the UC Davis Dept. of Theater and Dance Performance, completed 06/05/2012.
  • Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company SummerWorkshop, Screening of two of my documentaries and Lecture to summer students Media Arts, completed 06/2012.
  • DEBORAH HAY, NOT AS DEBORAH HAY A documentary, subject and performance by world renowned choreographer and Post Modern Dance Artist, Deborah Hay • 2011 Cinedans Amsterdam, Premiere, The Netherlands (PREMIERE) Media Arts, refereed, completed 12/2011.
  • HOUSE OF MIND, Video Design for Installation/Performance for Seattle's Pat Graney Company, The Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI Media Arts, completed 05/2011.
  • THE SOMNAMBULIST'S DREAM - Media Design and choreography for a Multi-media performance work choreographed in collaboration with choreographer Lisa Wymore, commissioned by the Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies, Zellerbach Playhouse, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA Performance, completed 04/2011.
  • MOTION STUDIES, Silent Film (premiered in 2010) • 2011 International Video Dance Festival's touring program, Hanoi, Vietnam • 2011 Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong Province • 2011 Festival International de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne, Burgundy, France Media Arts, completed 03/2011.
  • THE GREEN MAP PROJECT, Media Design and Direction for Repertory Dance Theater’s evening length work with choreography by Zvi Gotheiner, the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, Salt Lake City, Utah Media Arts, completed 03/2011.
  • "Motion Studies" screened at: Dance Camera Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey Media Arts, refereed, completed 11/2010.
  • "With/Without," Media/Stage design for choreographer Pamela Geber, Performing Dance Company Fall Season, Marriott Center for Dance Media Arts, completed 10/01/2010.
  • "Motion Studies" screened at: Festival Internacional de Videodanza, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010 Media Arts, refereed, completed 09/2010.
  • "Motion Studies" screened at: Reel Dance Festival, Open Space, Victoria, BC Media Arts, completed 07/2010.
  • Contributing photographer for online archive of University of Utah’s Warnock Visiting Artist in residence, Ernesto Pujol’s durational performance AWAITING Media Arts, completed 04/08/2010.
  • "Motion Studies" screened at: Screened at: Art in Motion, College of Fine Arts Interdisciplinary/Media event, Film & Media Arts Bldg., University of Utah Media Arts, completed 04/2010.
  • On the Eve of the Future (2009), two screen video design for stage performance with choreography by Steve Koester, Performing Dance Company Spring Season, Marriott Center for Dance Media Arts, completed 2009.
  • "House of Mind," Video Design for Performance and Installation, The Pat Graney Company, Seattle, WA,-'08, Houston, TX, '09 Media Arts, completed 11/04/2008.
  • Dance for Camera Screening, Saskatchewan Film Pool, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Curatorial/Production, completed 06/28/2008.
  • Restaging of the evening length multi-media dance work "The Weight of Memory" on Repertory Dance Theater. Media Design and co-choreography with Della Davidson. Spring Season. Choreography, completed 04/08/2008.
  • Restaging of "The Weight of Memory" on Repertory Dance Theater. Choreography and Media Design. Choreography, completed 04/08/2008.


  • Curator, opening night screening of dance films, Jews and Jewishness in the Dance World Conference, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. Other, Presented, 10/13/2018.
  • 5th Annual Tisch Dance and New Media Festival: Dance and New Media; Integrating Dance and Technology In University Dance Programs, invited presenter, NYU, NY. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 04/2017.
  • Iowa International ScreenDance Festival, invited Keynote presenter, University of Iowa, Cedar Rapids, IA. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 04/2017.
  • Dance on Camera Festival, Lincoln Center, invited Panel Presenter (via SKYPE): Emerging Curricula in Dance on Camera, NYC, NY. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 02/06/2017.
  • Dance Film Forum: Panel Co-Moderator for International Dance Filmmakers for the San Francisco Dance Film Festival at San Francisco's Ninth Street Independent Film Center. Other, Presented, 10/21/2016.
  • Futures in Motion Summit, invited member of an envisioning think-tank hosted by the USC Kaufman School of Dance Choreographic Institute and the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles, CA. Other, Presented, 10/2016.
  • XI Festival Internacional de Videodanza in Havana, Cuba - Presented on the University of Utah Screendance Certificate Program and screened student films . Presentation, Presented, 04/2016.
  • A2RU, Transdisciplinary Colloquium Webinar, National Presentation of Colloquium outcomes, Entrepreneurial Faculty Scholars Executive Committee. Other, Presented, 02/26/2016.
  • Dance Film Forum: Panel Moderator for International Dance Filmmakers for the San Francisco Dance Film Festival at the San Francisco Public Library. Other, . Other, Presented, 10/10/2015.
  • Dance Film Forum: Panel Moderator for International Dance Filmmakers for the San Francisco Dance Film Festival at the San Francisco Public Library. Other, Presented, 11/08/2014.
  • Utah Symposium in Science and Literature, Panel presentation on "The Glyph Collaboration", Gould Auditorium, University of Utah. Presentation, Presented, 03/2014.
  • Stanford University: SCREENDANCE: A NEW VISUAL LANGUAGE, post screening discussion with Lynette Kessler and Diane Frank, Annenberg Auditorium. Other, Presented, 01/2014.
  • San Francisco Dance Film Festival/IMZ, International Music + Media Centre, Panel Title: SCREENDANCE IN ACADEMIA: Launching a 3D Vision of a Body of Knowledge, San Francisco, CA. Presentation, Presented, 09/2013.
  • MUSE (My University Signature Experience) Brown Bag Lecture Series: "Creativity as a Way of Life". Invited Talk/Keynote, Other, 03/06/2013.
  • The Leonardo: A Utah Museum for Science, Technology and Art, Panelist: Art/Science Discussion in conjunction with international exhibition. Other, Presented, 05/05/2012.
  • The Space of Dance: Movement, Metaphor and Media, The Townsend Center for the Humanities, University of California, Berkeley. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 04/21/2011.
  • (re)Construction of the Human: Data as Metaphor, CITRIS-Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 04/2011.
  • FLESH AND MEDIA: An Interactive Salon, Arts Research Center, panel discussion on the intersection of real-time video technologies and dance performance, UC Berkeley, CA. Other, Presented, 04/2011.
  • The Documentary as Research Methodology: Deborah Hay, Not as Deborah Hay, Mills College, Oakland, CA . Presentation, Presented, 04/2011.
  • A Moving Image: Media and Metaphor in Stage Performance, Berkeley Center for New Media, New Media Research Roundtable Presenter, UC Berkeley, CA. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 03/2011.
  • Conference Proceedings: Videodanza Buenos Aires, Penzando en Video Danza, El Espacio de Danza: Movimiento, Media y Metáforo. Conference Paper, Other, 06/2010.
  • "Word, Body and Image in the Performance of Memory," Conference: Metamorphoses, An International Colloquium on Narrative and Folklore, Languages and Literature, College of Humanities, University of Utah, SLC . Conference Paper, Presented, 10/04/2008.
  • Arizona State University, Arts, Media and Engineering Program, Lecture: "The Space of Dance: Movement, Metaphor and Media", and "Blending Art and Science in Collapse (suddenly falling down)". Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 04/18/2008.

Research Equipment and Testing Expertise

  • Multi-Media Performance Lab which includes raised flooring, green screen, projection surfaces, projectors, lighting, theatrical soft goods, video camera, tripod, video editing and real time video processing software. The MMPL is located in the Film & Media Arts Building. Contact: Ellen Bromberg , 801-587-9807 , MCD Rm 211 (330 S 1500 E).

Grants, Contracts & Research Gifts

  • Glyph. PI: Ellen Bromberg. Co-PI(s): Jim Agutter. University Research Committee, 08/23/2012 - 02/20/2013. Total project budget to date: $6,000.00
  • Glyph. PI: Ellen Bromberg. Co-PI(s): Jim Agutter. College of Fine Arts Creative and Scholarly Research Grant, 08/23/2012 - 02/20/2013. Total project budget to date: $7,435.00
  • Multi Media Performance Lab for Dance & the Fine Arts. PI: Ellen Bromberg. University of Utah Research Instrumentation Fund, 03/2010 - present. Total project budget to date: $44,105.00
  • Canadian Director Laura Taler teaches for Dance for the Camera Festival. PI: Ellen Bromberg. Dee Council, 09/10/2009 - 09/12/2009. Total project budget to date: $7,926.00


  • French, basic.
  • Spanish, functional.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Egypt
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Thailand
  • Ukraine
  • Western Europe


  • Perspectives on Contemporary Dance History: Revisiting Impulse, 1950–1970, edited by noted dance scholars Thomas Hagood and Luke Kahlich, stands alone as a compendium of critical analyses of the full roster of a publication dedicated to dance. As eminent authors of the time were invited to contribute to issues of Impulse, contemporary dance scholars were invited to contribute to this book that examines Impulse from today’s point of view. This volume revisits the journal’s breadth of commentary, scope of authorship, and provocative yet engaging discourses. In these regards Perspectives on Contemporary Dance History: Revisiting Impulse, 1950–1970 is unlike any other contemporary volume of dance studies. I have co-written Chapter 2 with editor, Thomas Hagood, on the 1952 edition discussing Dance and Technology. Published, 06/2013.
  • The Leonardo, Blending Art and Science in Collapse (suddenly falling down) published in June, 2010, Michael Neff, Dawn Y. Sumner, Gerald Bawden, Ellen Bromberg, Della Davidson, Shelly Gilbride, Louise Kellogg, and Oliver Kreylos. Published, 06/2010.
  • Chapter in the first Spanish Language book on Video Dance: Terpsichore en Ceros y Unos- Ensayos de Videodanza, El Espacio de Danza: Movimiento, Media y Metáfora, E. Bromberg, pp 181-186, Guadalquivir Publishing, Argentina (2010). Published, 05/27/2010.
  • Ellen Bromberg (2005). Visualization: The Common Language. (pp. 62-64). Within Our Reach: Presidential Inaugural Symposia Presentation & Program, University of Utah. Published, 04/2005.
  • Ellen Bromberg (co-authored) & Johannes Birringer (2004). ADAPT: Telepresent Artistic Collaboratories. Interdisciplinary Humanities (Scholarly Journal of the National Association for Humanities Education. pp. 87-93. Published, 04/2004.