• Clinical Instructor, Con Nursing
  • Adjunct Instructor, College Of Nursing

Teaching Philosophy

As a clinical nursing instructor I find myself challenged to think and learn in ways that promote safe, effective evidence based judgment and practice in nursing students. It is important they be prepared to practice in the complex health care settings of current and future times.

The maternity clinical setting is an ideal area to help students focus on family and patient centered care. Students often discuss the concept of interdisciplinary care and their role with nurse midwives, physicians, social workers and community agencies. Students learn to see patients in a holistic community beyond the inpatient setting.

Students are encouraged to explore a variety or clinical topics, review literature, analyze daily situations, identify problems and explore patient outcomes. I try and do this in a safe, nonjudgmental enviroment. In private conferences students are to ventilate their feelings as well as discuss clinical objectives.

Courses I Teach

  • N3107 - Health Promotion
    This course focuses on concepts associated with health and health promotion across the lifespan. Emphasis is placed on risk reduction, healthy behavior, and promotion of conditions that optimize health outcomes.
  • N4150 - Nursing Initiatives
    This course provides the baccalaureate student an opportunity to synthesize knowledge gained from the entire program of study. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of concepts associated with health care policies within an institution, organization, or government entity. Upon completion the student will design and implement a durable project from within discipline of nursing which satisfies an identified need within the student's area of interest.
  • N4155 - Clinical Capstone
    This clinical and simulation capstone course focuses on transition to the professional nursing role. Emphasis is placed on the application and integration of concepts associated with professional practice as students work collaboratively with nurse preceptors and other members of the inter-professional team in selected clinical sites. Upon completion of this course students will be able to synthesize all previously learned knowledge in the delivery of safe and effective nursing care.