Curriculum Vitae Biosketch

Ed Zipser on research aircraft
  • Professor, Atmospheric Sciences


Research Statement

Regional and global distribution of storms, using new observational capabilities from satellites such as NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission. Understand why heavy rainfall is more frequent in the deep tropics while stronger storms are extremely rare in those same locations compared to the central United States and other mid-latitude regions. Validate indications from remote sensing instruments on satellites by making measurements in the field. Help develop improved recognition and forecasting of severe storms by determining the differences between ordinary and truly exceptional events. Involve students in field programs to give them hands-on experience and deeper understanding. Field programs have been based in Cape Verde, Australia, Costa Rica, Florida, Brazil, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, Mexico. International colleagues and students play an important role before, during, and after field work.

Research Groups

  • Adam Varble, Research Professor. 07/01/2014 - present.
  • Liu, Chuntao, Research Professor. 06/2003 - present.