• Adjunct Professor, College Of Law


Lincoln Nehring is President and CEO of Voices for Utah Children. Through research and public policy advocacy, Voices for Utah Children works to make Utah a place where all children thrive. We start with one basic question: "Is it good for kids?" At Voices for Utah Children, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. Lincoln joined the organization in 2010 as Senior Health Policy Analyst and was appointed President and CEO in 2015. He was previously the Medicaid Policy Director for the Utah Health Policy Project and a law clerk for the Honorable Langhorne Keith of the Virginia Circuit Court. Lincoln received his BA in Political Science (2001) and JD from the University of Oregon (2004).

Lincoln serves as a funded consumer representative for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and as a member of the Utah Board of Juvenile Justice.