M. Hakan yavuz
  • Professor, Political Science Department

Current Courses

Fall 2022

  • POLS-6470
    Intntl Rel Mid East
  • MID E-5647
    Intntl Relations Mid E
  • POLS-5470
    Intntl Relations Mid E
  • POLS-5440
    Nation/Ethnc Conflict

Spring 2022

Professional Organizations

  • 2018 - 2022. Position : Member.
  • 2018 - 2024. Position : Member.

Teaching Philosophy

My main goal in teaching undergraduates is to encourage students to participate in collective and individual modes of thinking and become active participants in class discussions.  I do not require my students to memorize or get bogged down in details.  I want them to develop the mode of analytical thinking and ways of constructing arguments and counterarguments in the classroom environment.  I try to get them to think through class participation and writing assignments.  In short, a mode of analytical reasoning rooted in socio-political content is the center of my teaching philosophy.  I taught Introduction to Comparative Politics and Middle East Comparative politics by organizing the material around five major concepts: state, civil society, democracy, economic liberalization, and the politics of identity.  I found this way of teaching useful and my students reacted positively.  I will continue to use a theme-centered approach rather than a country-centered one, an approach that goes along with my studies in globalization.  In my senior seminars, I use diverse instruments of teaching.  For instance, I invite religious scholars or leaders from different religions to introduce the doctrine of their faith and they way in which they cope with modern challenges.  I also invited several speakers and showed four videos on new religions and religious fundamentalisms. 

As a teacher, I am very fortunate that my research agenda and teaching duties are overlapping and complementary.  My teaching areas are comparative politics, religion and politics, globalization and Islam, nationalism and ethnic conflicts, genocide and state-society relations in the Middle East and Central Asia.  In addition to my regular courses, I have supervised directed reading on globalization, the Middle East politics, genocide and religion.  I am currently advising 18 graduate students. 

Courses I Teach

  • POLS-6470 - Intntl Rel Mid East
  • MID E-5647 - Intntl Relations Mid E
  • POLS-5470 - Intntl Relations Mid E
  • POLS-5440 - Nation/Ethnc Conflict
  • HIST-4400 - Introduction to Islam
  • MID E-4510 - Introduction to Islam
  • POLS-6400 - Prosem-Comparative Pol
  • POLS-3440 - Comp Pol-Mid East
  • POLS-4400 - Introduction to Islam

Former Students

  • Jason Alexander MA, . Role: Chair.
  • Gerardo Gonzalez-MA, . Role: Member.
  • Payam Foroughi-PhD, . Role: Chair.
  • BARTHOLOMEW,DANIEL MId, . Role: Chair.
  • SMUIN,BENJAMIN JAMES, . Role: Member.
  • FRANCIS,SHANNA LISA, . Role: Member.
  • Michael Howard-PhD, . Role: Member.
  • Masaki Kakizaki-PhD, . Role: Chair.
  • JENSEN,REILLY S, . Role: Member.
  • Ruber Diaz-PhD, . Role: Member.
  • Shaohua Lei-PhD, . Role: Member.
  • DOGAN,MEHMET ALI, . Role: Member.
  • Hamida Al Masudi, . Role: Chair.