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  • Adjunct Professor, Economics Department
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Economics Department

Teaching Philosophy

Motivate the topic, educate with impact, and inspire a love for continued learning.

Courses I Teach

  • Economics 1740 - American Economic History
    This course gives an historical foundation of American economic growth and development from the colonial period to the present. This is accomplished by focusing on institutional and structural change elements that have critically influenced factors of growth and development.
  • Economics 2010 - Microeconomics
    Discussed issues in relation to the production of goods and services. Optimal decision making processes of individuals, households, business and government were considered.
  • Economics 2020 - Macroeconomics
    Discussed national and international economic issues relating to government policy, institutional structure, and economic stability. Basic models of growth, stability in employment and inflation, and government spending and monetary policy were developed and presented within an historical context.
  • Economics 3100 - Labor Economics
    Focus on factors of employment, unemployment, labor unions, and minimum wage. Class also integrates discrimination, compensating wage differentials, efficiency wage theory and bargaining processes.
  • Economics 3200 - Money and Banking
    Examined monetary and financial instruments, institutions, and markets from the perspectives of theory, practice, and policy. The major sections of the course focused on the history and evolution of the monetary and financial system, the modern financial system and banking money and finance in macroeconomic theory, and the conduct of monetary policy. Additionally, this class gave specific attention to the current banking crisis.
  • Economics 3500 - International Economics
    Focus on economic principles beyond domestic borders. Discusses relations between countries, trade patterns, growth and development platforms and country specific problems.
  • Economics 3540 - Current Economic Problems
    Covered the study of opportunity cost, supply and demand, the concept of elasticity, consumer and producer surplus, firm production, cost and revenue, perfect competition, monopoly, economic verses normal profit, GDP, inflation, unemployment, recessions and depressions, interest rates and present value calculations, and aggregate demand and supply. After gaining a basic understanding of economic modeling processes presentations about current economic problems (domestic and international) expanded comprehension in an applied framework.
  • Economics 5470, Economics 6470 (Graduate) - Industrialization and Economic Development
    This course focuses on economic growth and development in United States beginning in the 19th century and continuing through the 20th century. The course covers institutional evolution, technological change, demographic change, and labor market development. In relevant areas, we will also apply past models to current paradigms. This course promotes an understanding of development and growth, as a general framework for the various topics covered.