Tamara J. Ekker, MS, RN portrait
  • Instructor (Clinical), College Of Nursing


  • RN, Nursing, University of Utah
  • MS, Nursing, University of Utah

Career Highlights

2015 has been a busy year (aren't they all!). 

Spring 2015 semester allowed me to team teach in NURS 6021.  This is an assessment class for Pharmacy students.  It was a great experience teaching in a different School.  Also In Spring, I was part of a group of women who revised the Integumentary: Patient Management Chapter of the Morton/Fontaine Critical Care textbook.  These women were either on the University Hospital Wound and Ostomy Team or were from the Burn Unit - I learned a great deal from them.  I was also priviledged to teach my two favorite classes over Spring:  Med/Surg Clinicals at University Hospital and Capstone.  In my opinion, these are the two most important classes witnin the Baccaluareat curriculum.  I love seeing the growth and change that our students experience as they transition into being excellent nurses. 

Summer 2015 semester gave me the opportunity to teach in two of the classes that are taught in our Baccalaureate students' 4th and last semester.  Capstone and Initiatives are both very busy and very important classes.  Again, the growth of the students is amazing and rewarding to watch. 

Fall 2015 semester brings the opportunity to teach in the RN-BS program.  I get to help these students as they navigate the ever-important Evidence-Based Practice course.  Also, I am deeply involved in Simulation in a number of different courses: 1st semester students learning assessment and medication administration, Interprofessional Education (IPE) in Disaster Preparedness and Ambulatory Care scenarios, and Telemedicine (also IPE) in improving access to care and provider communication. 

Outside of teaching I am involved in a number of committies.  I am Membership Chair of Sigma Theta Tau International Gamma Rho Chapter.  This is the Honor Society of Nursing and we have a very active chapter here at the University of Utah.  Also, I am the new chair of the Baccaleaureate Admissions and Advancement Committee (BAAC).  This committee oversees the undergraduate admissions process and also helps resolve student issues.  This is my second year as the chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee for the College of Nursing.  Emergency Preparedness is a special interest of mine and I love being in the thick of things in helping the faculty and staff become more aware and prepared. 

Yes, 2015 is busy and very productive and rewarding!