Bryan Haycock
  • Adjunct Instructor, Nutrition & Integrative Physiology

Teaching Philosophy


My objectives as an instructor are to teach my students how to quickly find accurate information about dietary supplements. In addition, it is my goal to enhance the student’s ability to critically evaluate the information they find. The tools used to effectively evaluate information come from an understanding of the following: 

·         The current regulatory environment under which dietary supplements are manufactured and marketed.

·         The development process of dietary supplements.

·         How to find and evaluate scientific evidence for individual dietary supplements.

·         The level and quality of scientific evidence supporting/refuting the effectiveness of various dietary supplement ingredients.

Many times a “talking head” is the weakest form of instruction. It is my aim to emphasize student participation in both discussion and hands on activities.

Attainment of objectives can be measured as students present and discuss course topics and issues. If it is clear my objectives are not being met, it is my fault, not the students.

Genuine concern for my students is my motivation for teaching. I believe that effective teaching can’t take place unless that concern and the devotion that follows is there before the semester begins.