The Rhino South Africa
  • Assistant Director LEAP Program, Undergraduate Studies
  • Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Undergraduate Studies
  • Associate Professor (Lecturer), Undergraduate Studies

Research Summary

My dissertation, Dominicans, Diffusion and Doping: Three Essays in the Economics of Sports address the issues of fairness in professional sports leagues.


  • Bachelor of Science, Philosophy and Cognitive Science, University of Utah
  • PhD., Economics, University of Utah. Project: Dominicans, Diffusion and Doping: Three Essays in the Economics of Sports


I originally hail from the submarine capital of the world, Groton CT.  In 1991 after just turning 19 I hoped on my motorcycle and rode out to San Francisco. With the exception of 1 summer working in a marina in CT I haven't spent much time back there.  I prefer the mountains and deserts of the West.  Before starting school in Salt Lake City I spent my time travelling, skiing and climbing throughout the American West.  A year in Lake Tahoe, a year in Jackson WY and 2 years basically living in campgrounds at various climbing areas working odd jobs; bartending, high rigging for country music concerts, valet parking, pouring concrete, housekeeping, setting up booths at Outdoor Retailer shows and what could rank as the worst job in the world; sandblasting the inside of water towers.  After beginning my undergraduate work in Philosophy at the University of Utah I didn't stop travelling to climb.  Two five month stretches found me in Western Europe then later Thailand and South Africa with my wife Colour (who by the way is a fantastic ceramic artist in addition to being a fantastic human being).  Most recently I spent five glorious weeks bouldering in the high desert of the Cederburg in South Africa.  

I obtained my PhD in Economics from the Universituy of Utah in spring of 2011.  In the fall of 2011 I began working for the LEAP program.  I became and Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in 2014.  I also became the Assistant Director of the LEAP program in 2014.  In addition to teaching in LEAP I teach Sports Economics as a business elective course.  My research interests are in sports economics, economic inequality and physical training for rock climbing.