Brad Lundahl
  • Associate Professor, College Of Social Work
  • Research Affiliate with the Social Research Institute, College Of Social Work

Research Summary

I primarily study factors linked to successful engagement with clients in mental health counseling and casework, including motivational interviewing.


  • Master of Social Work, Social Work, University of Utah
  • Ph.D. , Clinical Psychology, Northern Illinois University


Brad Lundahl earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Northern Illinois University. He is an associate professor in the College of Social Work at the University of Utah. Dr. Lundahl is most interested in researching factors that motivate people to change individual behaviors. He has been trained in Motivational Interviewing by one this approach’s cofounders, Dr. Bill Miller and recently published a manuscript with the other cofounder, Dr. Stephen Rollnick. At the University, Dr. Lundahl publishes on evidence based practices and teaches in areas of clinical practice and research. In addition to University work, Brad owns a small private practice, Compass Counseling and Consulting, where he works with individuals and families. Brad strives to integrate research and practice to benefit both efforts.  

Other activities

December 2019 marked a key milestone in working with the University's Technology Venture Capitalization (TVC) group. In short, the University claimed IP rights to some of materials I developed around Motivational Interviewing and a group has leased the rights and we launched a business! See for more information. 


Selected Works

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  • Lundahl, Brad, McDonald, C., & Vanderloo, M (2018). Service users’ perspectives of Child welfare services: A systematic review using the practice model as a guide. Journal of Public Child Welfare. Published, 11/13/2018.
  • Gedney, Chris, Lundahl, Brad & Fawson, Peter (2019). Sexual Assault Prevention: A Randomized Control Trial of a Standard Military Intervention and a Motivational Interview Enhancement. Violence and Victims. Violence and Victims. Accepted, 08/22/2019.
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