• Professor, Mathematics

Research Summary

In 2021, I have established the connection between the dynamo mechanism (how planets generate magnetic field) and the adiabatic invariant (which we discovered 1990s). In 2005, I showed that this invariant implies the generation of zonal jets - a phenomenon crucial for nuclear fusion with magnetic confinement (tokamaks). I plan to investigate how to generate a zonal jet in a certain location, e.g. near the walls of a tokamak (so that the transport of heat significantly slows down near the walls).


  • Ph.D., Physics and Mathematics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Project: Stability Analysis of Weak Turbulence Kolmogorov Spectra, Advisor: Vladimir E. Zakharov


After studying in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Computer Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, and

Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics he obtained his Ph.D. degree in 1988.

Before becoming a professor of mathematics in the University of Utah, he worked in the Landau Institute for

Theoretical Physics (1988-1998), University of Arizona (1991-1993),

California Institute of Technology (1993-1996), and Institute for Advanced Study (2002-2003).

He published more than 50 research papers mostlty in the area of wave turbulence, with applications to ocean

dynamics, nuclear fusion, and astrophysics.