• Distinguished Professor, Philosophy
  • Adjunct Professor, Family And Preventive Medicine
  • Adjunct Professor, Internal Medicine
  • Adjunct Professor, Political Science Department
  • Alfred C. Emery Endowed Professor, College Of Law
  • Adjunct Professor, Internal Medicine
  • Distinguished Professor, College Of Law - Dean
  • Distinguished Professor, College Of Law

Research Statement

My research interests lie at the intersection of normative ethics, bioethics, and health law.  My primary current interests include disability and disability law, privacy especially with respect to health information, reproductive ethics, issues of justice in health care, and infectious disease and public health ethics.  I also write and teach on issues in environmental ethics and philosophy of law.

Research Keywords

  • reproductive ethics
  • privacy
  • Social Justice
  • Disability
  • Bioethics


  • French, functional.


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  • Although inadequate immunization is a significant public health problem, as covid-19 is an urgent reminder, it has been largely ignored in amateur youth sports. By comparison, safety issues such as concussions have drawn extensive concern. This article examines the case for immunizing athletes who participate in amateur sports for youth. It begins with risks of transmission and current gaps in addressing immunization of amateur athletes. It then considers arguments for immunization, along with objections to immunization requirements for participation. The article concludes that amateur youth sports organizations must pay far more attention to immunization than they currently do, have published policies about immunization, inform participants of these policies, and educate athletes, coaches, and officials about contagion risks. Published, 04/2020.
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