• Professor, Physics And Astronomy


  • "NMR and Ultraslow Motions", presented at the J. Stefan institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 06/29/2010.


  • "7-Li NMR Investigation of Li-Li Pair Ordering in the Paraelectric Phase of Weakly Sustitutionally Disordered K_(1-x)Li_(x)O_x" (with B. Zalar et al.), Phys. Rev. letters 105, 226402 (2010). Published, 01/2010.
  • "Systematic Errors in NMR Quantitative Imaging", to be resubmitted to J. Magn. Resonance. Revise/resubmit(1), 01/2000.
  • "35-Cl NQR Evidence for a Low Temperature Incommensurate Phase in K_2ZnCl_4", to be resubmitted to Phys. Rev. B Rapid Commun. Revise/resubmit(1), 01/2000.
  • "Study of the Reliabililty of In-Vivo Quantitative T_1 Imaging of Lung", to be submitted to Magn. Reson. in Medicine. In progress, 01/2000.
  • "Heterogeneous and Restricted Water Self-Diffusion in Rat lung Tissue" (with G. Laicher and B. Geil), originally submitted (in Jan. 2007) to Magn. Reson. in Medicing. Will be resubmitted to J. Magn. Resonance. Revise/resubmit(1), 01/2000.
  • "Staging Pulmonary Edema: MRI Color Mapping of the Regional Rates of Change in Lung water Content", to be submitted to J. Magn. Reson. Imaging. In progress, 01/2000.