MARK GLICK portrait
  • Adjunct Professor, College Of Law
  • Professor, Economics Department


I am a professor of economics at the University of Utah, and an adjunct law professor in the University of Utah College of Law.  I teach Law and Economics, Antitrust Economics, Microeconomics, and the History of Economic Thought.  In the law school I have taught Antitrust Law, Regulated Industries, and Law and Economics.  I grew up in Los Angeles and attended UCLA, where I received my BA and my masters degrees.  I received my Ph.D. in Economics from the New School for Social Research in New York in 1985.  I then attended Columbia Law School on an economics fellowship where I received my J.D. degree in 1990.  I am a member of the New York and Utah bar associations and practiced law in both states.  Today, I am an economic consultant with Keystone Strategy where I advise on competition matters.  At the University of Utah I am focused on building the Utah Project on Antitrust and Consumer Protection.  Our project is dedicated to education and scholarship in the area of competition policy.