• Executive Director, LEAP Learning Communities, Undergraduate Studies
  • Professor, Family And Consumer Studies

Current Courses

Spring 2023

  • LEAP 1060-001
    Foundations of Research

Fall 2022

Courses I Teach

  • FCS 3370 - Parenting Across Cultures
    Examines parenting practices across diverse cultures around the world and within the United States. Addresses whether there are universal patterns of parenting and which practices are indisputably variable.

Teaching Projects

  • Development of On-Line General Education Course (FCS 3215). Project Lead: Marissa Diener. Center for Technology Assisted Curriculum 05/2008 - 12/30/2008. Total Budget: $5,000.00.

Pedagogical Publications

  • Veeraghanta, S. & Diener, ML. (2020). While I was telling your story: A project exploring identity. (2020). In MS Wong, L. Weiner, J. Cermiak, & LTS Lee (Eds.), Incorporating Diversity in Classroom Settings: Real and Engaging Examples for Various Psychology Courses, Vol II: Intersectionality (pp. 39-43). Society for the Teaching of Psychology. Paper published, 12/01/2020.