• Associate Professor (Lecturer), Film & Media Arts Department
  • Associate Professor (Career Line), Film & Media Arts Department

Creative Research

  • Exhibited my film 'SPIRITUALITY FOR THE UNINSURED' at the university and around Salt Lake at various venues. Exhibition, completed 02/01/2016.
  • I am making two documentary films. One documents the life and work of Jim Fosgate who received an Emmy for the creation of surround sound. Beyond that he championed the modern car stereo. The second explores whether spiritually has value and what that might be. Media Arts, in progress 02/24/2012.
  • Over the last five years I have written an autobiographical book (88,000 words) and am now looking for a publisher or will self-publish. Literary Arts, completed 12/31/2009.
  • For the last year and a half I have been filming a documentary which poses a question about the pragmatic value of spirituality. I just received ( 2/05/10) a research/creative grant from the university to finish the project. Media Arts, in progress 12/31/2009.