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  • Director of the Taft Nicholson Environmental Humanities Education Center
  • Associate Professor, Communication
  • Associate Professor, Communication
  • Associate Professor, Communication


Current Courses

Fall 2017

  • COMM 3910-017 Independent Study
  • COMM 6910-019 Independent Study

Spring 2017

Courses I Teach

  • COMM 7110 - Seminar: Interpersonal Communication.
    Special Topics
  • COMM 7370 - Seminar: Quantitative Research .
    Practice of research using quantitative empirical research methods and concepts.
  • COMM 7390 - Seminar: Research Methods: Special Topics.
    Content Alalysis
  • Comm 3040 - Communication and Relationships.
    Study of communication in structuring social relationships from family and friendships to organizations.
  • Comm 3110 - Interpersonal Communication, Special Topics.
    Understanding different perspectives and issues in interpersonal communication.
  • Comm 3710 - Intro to Quantitative Communication Research.
    Introduces logical and analytic communication research tools. Focuses on the research process used in generating communication research, data analysis methods, and special topics in communication research.
  • Comm 5110 - Interpersonal Communication: Current Research.
    Meets with COMM 6110. Advanced study of conceptual approaches to understanding interpersonal relationships through interaction.
  • Comm 5115 - Health Communication.
    Meets with COMM 6115. This course examines various health communcation issues from the personal, intimate interactions between patients and caregivers in the examination and hospital room; to organizational healthcare policies and community relations that affect the way healthcare is provided and the way people feel about the providers; to medicated coverage, campaign, and programming that seek to educate people about health.
  • Comm 5140 - Communication and Aging.
    Meets with COMM 6140. Introduction to communication and aging perspectives. These perspectives provide a unifying thread to a truly interdisciplinary inquiry into the studies of the aging process. Issues pertaining to the communication and aging perspective, including attitudes and ageism, relational considerations of older adults (such as the role of communication in reminiscence, intimacy, helping, and loneliness), mass media, work, leisure and retirement, and family relationships and friendships included.
  • HUM 6804 - Tertulia.
    Varying topics in place-based study and environmentalism as a social movement. Readings and discussions to introduce students to current issues and debates in environmentalism, and to understand how local ecologies interact with globalization. Designed to build community among Environmental Humanities students and to integrate academic work and environmental activism.