Curriculum Vitae

  • Professor, Metallurgical Engineering


Research Summary

Sorting aluminum , copper, brass and zinc from auto scrap and metal waste streams. Discrete element simulation of ball mills, semi autogenous mills. Computational fluid dynamics.

Research Equipment and Testing Expertise

  • Laboratory scale High Pressure Grinding Roll. Contact: Raj Rajamani , 801-581-6386 , 412 Browning building.

Software Titles

  • Millsoft 3D. A software for three dimensional simulation of charge motion in semi autogenous mills, autogenous mills and ball mills. The software computes mill power and impact energy spectra besides a video of the charge motion. The computing is done on the Graphic Processing Unit of the desktop PC. Release Date: 12/10/2011. Inventors: Raj Rajamani.
  • Millsoft Online. A software for the design of shell lifters for ball mills, autogenous mills, and semi autogenous mills. Release Date: 01/01/1998. Inventors: Raj Rajamani and Barada Mishra. Distribution List: The software is licensed to Process Engineering Resources Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah. www.processeng.com.
  • Millsoft. A software for simulation of charge motion in minseral ore grinding mills such as ball mill, rod mill, semi autogenous mill and autogenous mill. Release Date: 03/1996. Inventors: Raj Rajamani.