Creative Research

  • I was anxiously engaged in a year long Preparation for a two person show with Sharon Alderman @Phillips Gallery in Salt Lake City. The entire year of 2015 was used in research and preparation. We open Feb. 19th 2016. My work explores Plein Air Strategies that modulate into more Hybrid Formal Structures yet still maintain a link to the traditions of Landscape Painting. Exhibition, refereed, completed 02/19/2016.
  • Myself and 2 other painters traveled to San Francisco to see Jeremy Mann and Alex Kanefsky at the John Pence and Dolby Chadwick Galleries respectively. This trip completes my obsession with painterly realism for the year of 2015 and helps plan new strategies for the year of 2016. The crisis of representation demands a constant questioning of ones methods, hence the need to see Painters that push the edge a bit. Both Kanefsky and Mann have a way of destabilizing the field perception of things. The Poetry and Power of the Mark play a game with Observation. Media Arts, completed 10/21/2015.
  • Two Person Show at Phillips Gallery with Photographer Edward Bateman. Exhibition, completed 06/2014.
  • Annual Springville Salon, Springville, Utah. I exhibited a large painting featuring a Dog, Cat, and two figures drawing with sharpies on an imaginary picture plane. Painting was titled Atelier, spoofing the convention of a masters workshop in the Western European Tradition. Exhibition, completed 05/2014.
  • Group Exhibition at Palm Desert Coda Gallery in Palm Desert CA. featuring the Artists of Helpe Utah. Both Teachers and Students who have participated in this rich Arts Community were featured in this show. This show was acompanied by a booklet featuring the Art, Statement , and Profile of each participant. Exhibition, completed 03/2014.
  • "The Art of Painterly Painting" Research based on the work of two great 19th early 20th Century Painters. Joaquin Sorrolla and Anders Zorn. I traveled to both these exhibits (Los Angeles and San Francisco) with the goals being: 1. Specific observation of painterly surfaces. 2.Identification of the limited palette and the Art of "Tonalism". 3.The practice of my own Art(Plein Aire) during the observation of these Exhibitions. 4. To develop Curriculum for Figure and Landscape Painting here at the U. The creative dividends from these two trips have been ongoing! Other, completed 02/2014.
  • Two person show at the Coda Palm Desert Gallery in Palm Desert CA. Exhibition, refereed, completed 01/2014.
  • Currently I am pursuing a Research Program I call "Perception and Conception" which involves the exploration of Human and Animal Anatomy (specifically Dog anatomy) using Photo Shop. Imagery is deconstructed and reconstructed to point the relativity of choices available. Rather than pursuing an absolute fact a continuum of process is encouraged in both myself and my students Media Arts, in progress 01/01/2013.
  • I began to exhibit at the Coda Gallery in Park City, Utah. The work consists of a new investigation into the anatomy, psychology, and pictorial problems of Man's best I began to exhibit a new body of work consisting of dog imagery at the Coda Gallery in Park City, Utah. The response has been quite dynamic resulting in many sales and private commissions. Exhibition, in progress 09/01/2012.
  • Exhibited 4 paintings at the "Helper Salon" in conjunction with the Helper Arts Festival. The paintings explored a new departure into animal imagery and received a favorable response. Exhibition, completed 08/19/2012.
  • Completion and participation in Three Person Show at Coda Gallery Palm Desert, El Paseo Drive, California. The show consisted of 15 large scale portraits using a diverse range of mixed media to pursue my continueing obsession with "The Crisis of Representation" a journey from abstraction to representation. Exhibition, completed 02/13/2012.
  • Completion of one man show at Phillips Gallery 444 east 2nd south in Salt Lake City. Show consisted of 23 large scale portraits. Show was an outstanding success both critically and financially Exhibition, completed 09/16/2011.
  • For the last year and a half I've been preparing for a one person show at Phillips Gallery 444 East 200 South here in Salt Lake City. The show will consist of large scale portraits (3'x4') of various local personalities. A range of Multi Media Technique are being used to deconstruct an reconstruct the convention of portraiture. Exhibition, scheduled 09/01/2011.

Research/Scholarship Projects

  • "In The Footsteps of Cezanne". PI: PL 4219. Co-PI(s): Carolyn Parr. 12/21/2015 - 12/21/2015.

Software Titles

  • Panting and Drawing Curriculum. Curriculum for Undergraduate Painting and Drawing Students. Release Date: 12/12/2010. Inventors: John Erickson. Distribution List: My immediate Painting and Drawing Faculty and Students. This project could be a prototype for publishing as I accumulate more density.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Argentina
    I've been preparing all year for a cultural tour of Buenos Aires with my Spanish Speaking Dinner Party Group. Study has been rigorous as well as fun. The level of Spanish is intermediate to advanced.
  • France
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
    I traveled extensively in Argentina with the Spanish Speaking Group "Pura Vida" (see Training Category for more explanation). We also had brief visits to both Brazil and Uruguay our adventure in Spanish.
  • Northern Europe
    I visited The Rijks Museum in Amsterdam for Three days of Study and Photography of Master Works that I am currently using to Teach both Graduate Students and Undergraduates. I also Documented a Wharhol and Banksy show in a small venue near The Rijks Museum.
  • Norway
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    I did Scholarly Research in Painting, Drawing , and Sculpture in Edinburgh, Scotland and Liverpool England. My specific focus The 19th Century to Contemporary Painters of Scotland at the National Gallery. In Liverpool I visited The Walker Museum which housed the Pre-Raphaelites and a Contemporary show of Young Post-Modern Painters. My Documentation of this work is currently being used as a teaching device in both graduate and undergraduate students.


  • The PHD Alexandra Karl's Essay "Dog Interrupted" and the public reading of this essay by her in conjunction with my Phillips Gallery Show W/Ed Bateman June 2014. Published, 06/2014.