Curriculum Vitae

Sung Wan Kim
  • Distinguished Professor, Bioengineering, Hanyang University
  • Honorary Doctorate, University of Twente


Research Summary

Dr. Kim is a pioneer in drug delivery research and has engaged in his research since 1974 in the areas of hydrogels, biodegradable drug conjugates, self-regulating drug delivery and stimuli sensitive polymers. He also worked extensively in medical polymers, especially blood compatible polymers.

Research Statement

Dr. Kim''s present research includes design of novel polymers for the delivery of protein drugs, cells and genes.

Research Keywords

  • Gene Therapy, Interest Level: 4
  • Drug Delivery Systems, Interest Level: 5
  • Thrombus formation on polymer surfaces, Interest Level: 3
  • Polymeric gene carriers, Interest Level: 3
  • Polymeric drug delivery systems, Interest Level: 3
  • Polymer surface modification, Interest Level: 3
  • Medical polymers, Interest Level: 3
  • Hydrogels and stimuli sensitive polymers, Interest Level: 3
  • Design of functional, bioactive and biospecific polymers for cells and gene delivery, Interest Level: 3


  • Hypoxia inducible VEGF plasmid for ischemic disease (#7,638,322). Status: Issued. File date 02/23/2004; Issue date 12/29/2009. Assignee: University of Utah. Country: USA.
  • Soluble steroidal peptides for nucleic acid delivery (#7,320,890). Status: Issued. File date 04/05/2005; Issue date 01/22/2008. Country: USA.
  • Carrier system for specific artery wall gene delivery (#7,265,969). Status: Issued. File date 11/09/2001; Issue date 09/04/2007.
  • Linear polyethylenimine-sterol conjugates for gene delivery (#7,183,263). Status: Issued. File date 07/17/2003; Issue date 02/27/2007.
  • Biodegradable cationic copolymers of poly(alkylenimine) and poly(ethylene glycol) for the delivery of bioactive agents (#6,652,886). Status: Issued. File date 02/16/2001; Issue date 11/25/2003.
  • Method for preparation of polyethylene glycol aldehyde derivatives (#6,465,694). Status: Issued. File date 06/04/2001; Issue date 12/15/2002.
  • Synthesis of insulin derivatives (#6,323,311). Status: Issued. File date 09/22/1999; Issue date 11/27/2001.
  • Polyester analogue of poly-L-lysine as a soluble, biodegradable gene delivery carrier (#6,217,912). Status: Issued. File date 01/13/1999; Issue date 04/17/2001.
  • Targeting of PEG antibody conjugates to islet cells (#5,853,723). Status: Issued. File date 09/20/1996; Issue date 12/29/1998.
  • Stabilization and oral delivery of calcitonin (#5,726,154). Status: Issued. File date 06/28/1996; Issue date 03/10/1998.
  • Cationic polymer and lipoprotein-containing system or gene delivery (#5,679,559). Status: Issued. File date 07/03/1996; Issue date 10/21/1997.
  • Colonic-targeted oral drug-dosage forms based on crosslinked hydrogels containing azobonds and exhibiting pH-dependent swelling (#5,415,864). Status: Issued. File date 08/20/1992; Issue date 05/16/1995.
  • Implantable and refillable biohybrid artificial pancreas (#5,262,055). Status: Issued. File date 10/19/1992; Issue date 11/16/1993.
  • Pulsatile drug delivery device using stimuli sensitive hydrogel (#5,226,902). Status: Issued. File date 07/30/1991; Issue date 07/13/1993.
  • Transdermal delivery system utilizing one way membrane (#5,223,262). Status: Issued. File date 01/10/1990; Issue date 07/13/1993.
  • Heterogeneous interpenetrating polymer networks for the controlled release of drugs (#4,931,287). Status: Issued. File date 06/14/1988; Issue date 06/05/1990.
  • Amido-phenyl-.alpha.-D-glucopyranoside derivatives (#4,536,572). Status: Issued. File date 11/02/1983; Issue date 08/20/1985.
  • Glycosylated insulin derivatives (#4,478,830). Status: Issued. File date 11/02/1983; Issue date 10/23/1984.
  • Time-release chemical delivery system (#4,356,166). Status: Issued. File date 12/08/1978; Issue date 10/26/1982.


Dr. Kim has received numerous awards; among them are the Research Achievement Award-Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress (2004), Rosenblatt Prize (2003), Ho-Am Prize (2003), AACP Volwiler Award (2002), American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Dale Wurster Award (1998), the Controlled Release Society (CRS) Founders Award (1995), and the Clemson Basic Biomaterials Award (1987). These awards are the highest scientific awards from their respective societies. Dr. Kim has been elected into the National Academy of Medicine (1999), the National Academy of Engineering (2003) and the National Academy of Inventors (2012). He is the Founder and served as Co-Chairman of the International Symposium on Recent Advances in Drug Delivery, Salt Lake City, UT, 1983-2005.