Lenora Brown
  • Professor (Lecturer) Emerita, School Of Music

Research Keywords

  • piano teaching, piano performance, piano arrangements,

Creative Research

  • Arrangement for Two pianos - eight hands. Sicilienne by Gabriel Faure' Performance, completed 05/02/2018.
  • Arrangement for two Pianos - eight hands Pavane by Gabriel Faure' Performance, completed 04/13/2018.
  • Arrangement of a Medley from Star Wars for the annual School of Music Piano Area Monster Concert for 17 pianos Performance, completed 03/22/2018.
  • Four piano arrangement for the University of Utah Piano Faculty quartet. This was for the annual Christmas Concert. Other, completed 12/05/2014.
  • Piano Arrangement for private and University students combined. This was arranged for the annual University of Utah piano area Monster Concert. Other, completed 05/03/2014.
  • Piano Arrangement completed in February 2014 Other, completed 02/24/2014.
  • Performance with Four other members of the piano faculty. Performed my arrangement of Hallelujah Chorus for five pianos on the Christmas Concert Sundays@7 series. Performance, completed 12/2013.
  • Learning and performance of new music at Steinway Hall in NYC. Performance, completed 10/2013.
  • Performance as a soloist and member of the piano faculty - Bach Concerto for four pianos with orchestra Performance, completed 09/2013.
  • Audio and Video recording Performance, completed 12/15/2012.
  • Public Piano Performance, completed 11/24/2012.
  • 2012 Monster Concert piano arrangement Other, completed 03/2012.
  • Public piano Performance, completed 02/12/2012.


  • Concert at Bountiful Davis Arts Center for leaders of the Music Teachers National Association. Presentation, Presented, 11/01/2018.
  • Performance at the World Piano Conference in Nova Sad, Serbia. Presentation, Presented, 07/02/2018.
  • Public Concert at Bountiful Davis Arts Center. Presentation, Presented, 06/09/2018.
  • Temple Square Concert. Presentation, Presented, 04/06/2018.
  • Public Performance in Scotts Valley, California. Presentation, Presented, 03/25/2018.
  • University of Utah Piano area Holiday concert. I performed with other members of the faculty using my arrangements for four pianos and for nine pianos. Presentation, Presented, 12/10/2017.
  • Performance at Carnegie Hall in connection with being the first place winners of the 2017 United States Classical International competition. This was a one piano, four hand performance by Lenora Brown and Heather Smits. Presentation, Presented, 11/25/2017.
  • Church program performance. Presentation, Presented, 09/17/2017.
  • Guest artist Concert performed at the Mu Phi Epsilon International convention in Denver, CO. It was a one piano, four hand concert with pianists Lenora Brown and Heather Smits. Presentation, Presented, 07/29/2017.
  • Concert at Bountiful Davis Art Center - a ribbon cutting ceremony and concert for the addition of the second Steinway grand piano on the Lenora Ford Brown recital stage. This was a piano quartet performance consisting of pianists Lenora Brown, Heather Smith, Kimberly Marsden and Jackie Ward. Presentation, Presented, 04/29/2017.
  • church program performance. Presentation, Presented, 04/20/2017.
  • Provided music for the University of Utah Emeriti luncheon. Other, Other, 01/10/2017.
  • Performance with other piano faculty members for the annual piano area Holiday concert. Presentation, Presented, 12/11/2016.
  • Performance in Aptos, California. Presentation, Presented, 08/20/2016.
  • Performance at the naming of the Lenora Ford Brown recital stage at Bountiful Davis Arts Center. Presentation, Presented, 06/27/2015.
  • Performance of the Mozart Triple Piano Concerto with Orchestra. Presentation, Presented, 04/22/2015.
  • Performance for the Utah State Governor and company at the Governor's mansion. Other, Presented, 12/17/2014.
  • Performance on the University of Utah SOM annual piano area Christmas Concert. Other, Presented, 12/14/2014.
  • Performance for the Salt Lake Rotary Club. Other, Presented, 12/09/2014.
  • Community performance. Other, Presented, 10/19/2014.
  • Community performance (funeral service). Other, Presented, 09/15/2014.
  • Community Performance. Other, Presented, 05/25/2014.
  • Performed at the University of Utah Piano Area Centennial Gala concert. Other, Presented, 04/12/2014.
  • YouTube video presentation of my arrangement of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Presentation, Presented, 12/16/2013.
  • Performance with the piano faculty on the Sundays @ 7 concert series Christmas Concert. Presentation, Presented, 12/08/2013.
  • Video presentation of my arrangement of Away In a Manger. Presentation, Presented, 12/02/2013.
  • YouTube video of my arrangement of The Christmas Song. Presentation, Presented, 11/27/2013.
  • YouTube video of my arrangement of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Presentation, Presented, 11/27/2013.
  • YouTube video presentation of my arrangement of Schumann/Liszt Widmung on a Family Concert. Presentation, Presented, 11/17/2013.
  • YouTube video presentation of my arrangement of If You Could Hie To Kolob. Presentation, Presented, 11/17/2013.
  • Performance in a recital series in Aptos, California. Presentation, Presented, 11/09/2013.
  • Video Recording of performance at Steinway Hall in NewYork City. Presentation, Presented, 10/17/2013.
  • University of Utah School of Music Piano Faculty Concert Bach Concerto (for four pianos) with orchestra. Presentation, Presented, 09/21/2013.
  • Concert given on Temple Square Concert Series, for students, teachers and general community. Presentation, Presented, 09/23/2011.
  • Concert given on the Sundays @ 7 concert series at the University of Utah School of Music. Presentation, Presented, 09/18/2011.
  • Concert given at Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA. Presented to students, and teachers of Cabrillo College and for the community. Presentation, Presented, 09/10/2011.
  • Masterclass given for and involving students of community and college teachers at Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA. Other, Presented, 09/09/2011.
  • Lecture on Franz Liszt Transcriptions for piano at Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA for students and teachers of the college. Presentation, Presented, 09/09/2011.
  • Masterclass for UMTA Davis county music teachers. This was combined with a presentation about the University of Utah School of Music piano program. Included handouts. Other, Presented, 04/12/2011.
  • Concert . Presentation, Presented, 10/12/2010.
  • Concert . Presentation, Presented, 10/10/2010.
  • Master Class presenter. Other, Presented, 04/10/2010.


  • Christmas Bells. Academy Telecine Productions, 12/14/2014. This piece was arranged for the piano area faculty quartet to perform on the annual Christmas Concert.
  • Root Beer Rag. Academy Telecine Productions, 05/03/2014. This piece was arranged in four parts for 18 pianists to perform at the annual piano area Monster Concert.
  • Away in a Manger/Jesus, Once of Humble Birth. Academy Telecine Productions/Lenora Brown, 11/30/2013. This is a piano/organ arrangement performed on 12/15/2013.
  • Hallelujah Chorus by Handel. Academy Telecine Productions/Lenora Brown, 10/08/2013. A five piano arrangement of Hallelujah Chorus by Handel. Performed by the University of Utah piano faculty on 12/8/2013.
  • Flashdance arrangement. Academy Telecine Productions/Lenora Brown, 05/02/2013. Multiple piano and violin arrangement of Flashdance performed by University and private students at the annual School Of Music Monster Concert 5/4/2013.
  • 21 Duets for one piano - four hands. Academy Telecine Productions, 11/28/2009.
  • Piano solo arrangement book - simplified. Academy Telecine Productions, 11/28/2009.
  • Solo Piano Arrangement Book revised . Academy Telecine Productions, 11/28/2009.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Italy
  • Japan
    Traveled to Tokyo and Kyoto in May 2016.
  • Russian Federation
    I traveled in St. Petersburg, Russia 7/3/2018 - 7/7/ 2018.
  • Serbia
    I performed at the World Piano Conference in Nova Sad, Serbia. 7/2/2018.