Curriculum Vitae

  • Piano Area Chair, School Of Music
  • Chair, University of Utah International Piano Festival and Competition, School Of Music
  • Professor, School Of Music


Creative Research

  • Performance on the Sundays@7 Piano Faculty concert with Hasse Borup, faculty violinist. Performance, completed 12/13/2015.
  • Private Concert at the home of Lynn Blodgett. Performance, completed 09/2015.
  • Performance on the Governor's Mansion Artist Series, Awards in the Arts recognition. Host, Governor Gary Herbert. Performance, completed 12/17/2014.
  • Sundays@7 Performance, Libby Gardner Hall, Faculty concert. Holiday Favorites, performance with faculty colleague, Lenora Brown. Performance, completed 12/14/2014.
  • Performance on the Piano Centennial Concert in Libby Gardner Hall. Performed with faculty quartet. Host: President David Pershing. Prepared and procured other guest artists. Performance, completed 04/12/2014.
  • Performed recital at Daynes Music for the Piano Centennial. Host Larry Jackstein with invited guests. Performance, completed 03/03/2014.
  • Recital in Thompson Chamber Hall Concert included my performance as well as student performances on 2 recitals Performance, completed 12/22/2013.
  • Sundays@7 Holiday Concert Performed and organized this annual event as part of the Piano Centennial Concerts of 2013-14 Performance, completed 12/08/2013.
  • Recital of students performing concerti with 2nd piano as part of the National Federation of Music Clubs Valerie Saunders, Allison Barton, Andrew Conley, Sarah Jane Neff, Anna Neff, Sarah Nelson, Harrison Wynn, Beyonca Davis, Oscar Jones, Jacob Limburg. Performance, completed 11/27/2013.
  • Piano Faculty with the Paradigm Orchestra in Libby Gardner Hall. Arranged for the faculty to perform the Bach triple and quadruple concerti in concert. I performed the Bach quadruple concerto with Vedrana Subotic, Jie Lu, and Lenora Brown Performance, completed 10/21/2013.
  • Performance on Sundays@7 Holiday Showcase performing arrangements by University of Utah faculty and students. Performance, completed 12/09/2012.
  • Performance with the Paradigm Chamber Orchestra, Joel Rosenberg conducting. Bach: Concerto for Two-Pianos in c minor BWV 1062, Thompson Chamber Hall Performance, completed 09/14/2012.
  • Temple Square Concert, Rachmaninoff Suite #2, Op. 17 Performance, completed 09/07/2012.
  • Performance with the Salt Lake Symphony, Spring Concert, Libby Gardner Hall, Mendelssohn: Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra in Ab Major, Jon Hung Bae conducting Performance, completed 04/21/2012.
  • Performance with American West Symphony, Joel Rosenberg Conducting, Libby Gardner Hall, Gershwin: Concerto in F, arr. Manookian Performance, completed 03/09/2012.
  • Sundays@7 Showcase Concert with Barlow Bradford, Elliott Cheney, Larry Gee, Susan Goodfellow, Bonnie Gritton, Melissa Heath, Emily Williams, Libby Gardner Hall Performance, completed 12/11/2011.
  • Paradigm Orchestra, Mozart: Concerto in Eb K 365 for Two Pianos with Bonnie Gritton, Joel Rosenberg, conductor Performance, completed 09/30/2011.
  • Russian Music for Viola and Piano with Joel Rosenberg, viola featuring works of Rachmaninoff, Glinka Vivace Recording Other, completed 08/01/2011.
  • Recital: Libby Gardner Hall, Sundays at Seven Recital Holiday Concert with faculty colleagues Rob Baldwin, Kirsten Gunlogsen and Julie Wright-Costa. Performance, completed 12/12/2010.
  • Performance for the National Advisory Board, University of Utah, Mozart Concertante with Gerald Rothstein and Joel Rosenberg Performance, completed 11/05/2010.
  • Recital performance: Libby Gardner Hall, Sundays at Seven, Music of Chopin and Schumann Performance, completed 10/02/2010.
  • Mendelssohn Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra with faculty colleague Vera Watanabe. BYU Symphony Orchestra, Eric Hansen conductor Performance, completed 04/06/2010.
  • Rhapsody in Blue, Murray Symphony Orchestra Performance, completed 03/20/2010.
  • Recital for Sundays at Seven at Libby Hall Christmas Music Bonnie Gritton/Harp Ensemble/Linda Margetts/Larry Gee/Gary Sorensen Performance, completed 12/20/2009.
  • Recital at Steinway Hall in Salt Lake City Performance, completed 12/07/2009.
  • Recital for the Temple Square Concert Series Performance, completed 09/18/2009.
  • Recital at the Aloha International Piano Festival in June 2009. "Fantasies and other Dreams"Rachmaninoff Suites, The Wizard of Oz, Gershwin Fantasy on Porgy and Bess. Performance, completed 06/13/2009.


  • Tis the Season CD. D&G Productions, 12/30/2009. The proceeds from this CD will benefit the University of Utah Piano Outreach Program. This is a collaborative effort of faculty members: Susan Duehlmeier, Bonnie Gritton, Susan Goodfellow, Hasse Borrup, Amy Leung, and Robert Walzel. Arrangements were made by students Igor Iacimciuc and Aram Arakelyan.