• Librarian, Sustainability Office
  • Associate Librarian, Marriott Library

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • United States of America
    I'm interested in regional writing about Utah and the western United States, and more broadly in library collections as a "story" about the communities they serve.

Research Statement


I am collecting narratives aobut library use to inform a project about how libraries transform lives.  The work in progrss is presented in this blog:

I am embedded in the Sustainabilty Office in order to work more directly with efforts to create sustainable change on campus. 

I am working on a research guide for the wicked problems of the Anthropocene.

I write book reviews in order to help promote reading. 

Areas of Library Specialty

  • Government Documents & Maps
  • Environmental & Sustainability Studies
  • Environmental Humanities
  • Library Assessment


Research Keywords

  • New Media Studies
  • Library Reference Services
  • Information Visualization
  • Information Litearcy
  • Government information
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Environmental Humanities
  • Digital Libraries

Creative Research


  • Emmerson Andrews, Amy Brunvand & Piper Christian Global Conference on Sustainability in Higher Education (online, October 20-22, 2020) Event: 2075 - Archiving the campus as a living laboratory: preserving a long memory for transformative change Type: On-Demand Educational Session Role: Presenter. Contributed Talk, Presented, 10/20/2020.
  • Brunvand, Amy. "Reference Practice for Civic Engagement and Social Justice" GODORT Friday Chat discussion Leader. Other, Presented, 10/08/2020.
  • Brunvand, Amy. "Social Justice and Civil Engagement in Government Information Reference Practice," Western States Government Information Virtual Conference, August 5-6, 2020. Presentation, Presented, 08/06/2020.
  • Libraries in Sustainable Communities: The UN Sustainable Development Goals as a Framework for Change. (Utah Library Association Annual Conference, May 15-17 2019, Sandy, Utah). Contributed Talk, Presented, 05/16/2019.
  • Libraries as Partners for Community Sustainability Speakers: Amy Brunvand, University of Utah; Andrea Wirth, University of Nevada Intermountain Sustainability Summit (Ogden, UT, March 21-22, 2019)Room 404. Are you seeking a partner to amplify your sustainability efforts? Maybe the library can help! Libraries are inherently green with a core mission to share things -- not just books, but also meeting spaces, technology, seeds, tools, toys, and a surprising number of other things that support community resiliency. Contributed Talk, Presented, 03/21/2019.
  • Brunvand, Amy, discussion Leader: SUSTAINRT: Introducing U.N. Sustainable Development Goals in U.S. Libraries. American Library Association Midwinter Meeting (Seattle, WA, Jan 25-29) Sunday, January 27 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Location: Washington State Convention Center, Room 205 Libraries are key institutions for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a plan for making the world better for everyone with no-one left behind. Libraries worldwide offer a network of librarians, public spaces and resources that are already trusted within communities. Libraries preserve cultural heritage and promote universal literacy and access to communication. While libraries outside of the U.S. have widely adopted the SDGs as part of their mission, U.S. libraries have been slower to engage. ALA President Garcia-Febo has announced a series of webinars to raise awareness of international topics affecting our world and profession, featuring themes that align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It is an opportune time to discuss how U.S. libraries can support the SDGs. Presentation, Presented, 01/27/2019.
  • Amy Brunvand, Jeanne Pfander, Eric Tans, "Academic Libraries Fostering Resilient Communities," (2018 AASHE Conference & Expo, Oct. 2-5, 2018, Pittsburgh, PA). Panel, Presented, 10/04/2018.
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