Peri August 2011
  • Professor Emeritus, Political Science Department


  • Please see my current CV. Published, 05/14/2024.

Research Statement

I was trained in experimental, rational choice and published a number of articles in that tradition.  I became interested in gender scholarship and received an NSF grant to explore rational choice explanations of gender inequality.  As a result of the NSF grant, I was forced to analyze the difficulties of using traditional research paradigms and methodologies (experimental game theory) for understanding the subtleties of gender inequality.  During my 2001 research leave as a Faculty Fellow and then as an Aldrich Fellow at the Tanner Humanities Center at the University of Utah, I began my current research trajectory with a project on curricular reform in political science doctoral education in the areas of methodology and epistemology. In 2006 I completed a co-edited book on interpretive social science; a 2014 second edition has now appeared. As of 2009, I am co-editor, with Dvora Yanow, of the Routledge Series in Interpretive Methods. We also co-authored the first volume in the series, Interpretive Research Design: Concepts and Processes. My 2014-2015 sabbatical project examines US human subjects protection policy, building on the March 2014 Betty Glad SYMPOSIUM: Field Research and US Institutional Review Board Policy (


Research Keywords

  • Teaching qualitative interpretive research methods
  • Research Ethics
  • Interpretive Social Science
  • Human Subjects Protection [IRB] Policy