Current Courses

Spring 2021

  • HIST 4525-001
    Asian Film
    Location: ONLN (Online)
  • HIST 4560-001
    Asian American History
    Location: CANVAS (CANVAS)
  • HIST 6930-002
    Sp St-Asian History

Professional Organizations

  • Fulbright Association of Utah. 09/01/2016 - present. Position : Board Member, Treasurer.
  • Fulbright Association. 02/2016 - present. Position : Member.
  • Association for Asian American Studies. 01/1993 - present. Position : Member.
  • American Historical Association. 10/1991 - present. Position : Member.
  • Association for Asian Studies. 01/1988 - present. Position : Member.

Courses I Teach

  • History 1210 - Asian Civilizations: Traditions
    Offers critical understanding of Asian cultures and civilizations by familiarizing students with the fundamental ideas, values, and practices of traditional Asian civilizations as expressed in religion, philosophy, literature, art, and society.
  • History 1220 - Asian Civilizations: Modern Histories & Societies
    This course focus on modern and contemporary Asian history, society, politics, and economics.
  • History 3520 - Premodern Japan
    A survey of Japanese state and society from its early origins to the mid-19th century.
  • History 3530 - Modern Japan
    A survey of Japan's political and cultural history from the mid-19th century to the present.
  • History 4510 - Asia in the World
    Course content may vary by instructor. I have taught Asian Film, Japan's Graying Society. Migrations and Diaspora, Popular Culture, and Social Movements under this title.
  • History 4560 - Asian American History
    A survey of Asian American history from the 19th century to the present.
  • History 4990 - Senior Seminar
    Content varies according to instructor. Most recently I have taught Migrations and Diasporas.
  • History 7800 - Historical Methods
    Graduate seminar on historical methodologies and intellectual approaches.

Teaching Projects

  • Revisiting Asian Civilizations. Project Lead: Benjamin Cohen, Wesley Sasaki-Uemura, Janet Theiss. Council of Dee Fellows 07/01/2012 - 07/01/2013. Total Budget: $6,850.00.