• Professor, Gender Studies
  • Professor, History
  • Presidential Societal Impact Scholar

Research Summary

Porter is the author of two award-winning books: Workingwomen in Mexico City (Arizona, 2003); and From Angel to Office Worker: Middle-Class Identity and Female Consciousness in Mexico, 1890-1950 (Nebraska, 2018)-both also published by El Colegio de Michoacán press. Porter is co-editor of Orden social e identidad de género, with María Teresa Fernández Aceves and Carmen Ramos Escandón (2006); and, Género en la encrucijada de la historia social y cultural, with Fernández Aceves (2015).

Selected Works

  • Susie S. Porter (2018). From Angel to Office Worker: Middle-Class Identity and Female Consciousness in Mexico, 1890–1950. University of Nebraska Press. Published, 06/01/2018.
  • Porter, Susie (2021). De angel del hogar a oficinista: identidad de clase media y conciencia femenina en México, 1890-1950 . El Colegio de Michoacán. Published, 01/01/2021.
  • 2003 Workingwomen in Mexico City: public discourses and material conditions, 1879-1931 (Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2003) ---Awarded “Outstanding Book” award, Latin American Studies Association, Labor and Class Relations Studies Section, 2004. Published, 01/01/2008.
  • Mujeres y Trabajo: condiciones de trabajo y discursos públicos en la ciudad de México, 1879-1931 (Zamora: El Colegio de Michoacán, 2009). Published, 2009.
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  • Orden social e identidad de género. México siglos XIX y XX, María Teresa Fernández Aceves, Carmen Ramos Escandón y Susie Porter, eds., (Guadalajara, CIESAS-Universidad de Guadalajara, 2006). Published, 01/01/2016.
  • “Gender, race, and the evolution of middle-class identity in the Mexico City press,1820-1900” in The Latin American Middle Classes, Claudia Stern, Mario Barbosa Cruz, and Ricardo López, eds. Routledge Press. Accepted, 05/01/2020.
  • Mexican History: A Primary Source Reader, (Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, June, 2009). Published, 01/01/2009.
  • Porter, Susie, Kara Byrne, Kimberly Shmit (2021). Building Community: University Neighborhood Partners Curriculum. University Neighborhood Partners. Published, 12/01/2021.


Born in Watsonville, California and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Porter attended UC Berkeley as an undergraduate and UC San Diego for her PhD. At the University of Utah since 1996, Porter is a Presidential Societal Impact Scholar; Distinguished Professor in the Humanities; and Distinguished Scholar in the School for Cultural and Social Transformation. In 2022 Porter received an Honorific Distinction from the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Relations Section on North America. She serves as a country conditions expert for asylum cases, was a founder of the Westside Leadership Institute (Spanish language version), and works as an organizer with the Salt Lake City Latinx community. She served as Chair of the Gender Studies Division (2010-2020) and, since 2021, as Director of the Center for Latin American Studies.