• Associate Professor, Economics Department


  • Gabriel A. Lozada, Jesús Ramon Martin & Emilio Padilla (2021). The Laws of Thermodynamics. Edward Elgar. Accepted, 11/2021.
  • Mark Glick & Gabriel A. Lozada (2021). The Erroneous Foundations of Law and Economics. [Website/Blog] URL Published, 02/2021.
  • Gabriel A. Lozada (2020). Fixed Income for Retirement Saving: TIAA Traditional’s Lessons on Quality, Duration, Risk, and Gradual Withdrawals. The Journal of Retirement. Vol. 7, 39-59. Published, 02/2020.
  • Gabriel A. Lozada (2019). Debt Repayment Obligations Created by the Proposed Bear River Development. Economic Evaluation Unit, Dept. of Economics, University of Utah. Published, 09/2019.

Research Statement

My general field is microeconomic theory/mathematical economics. My area of specialization is the theory of exhaustible resource extraction and sustainability. "Theory" here means that I don't use empirical data in my research, just mathematical explorations of exploiting an abstract resource "x". Another interest of mine is the application of the Second Law of Thermodymanics (the "Entropy Law") to Economics (I have a BS in physics). I teach environmental economics (pollution), cost/benefit analysis, non-market valuation techniques, and renewable resource economics at the undergraduate and PhD levels.  I also critique cost/benefit analysis and the Kaldor-Hicks criteria which form its basis, challenging the theoretical basis of environmental economics but also of Law and Economics.

I have done applied work on oil and gas severance taxes, on water pricing and water infrastructure in Utah, and on retirement planning in personal finance.

Research Keywords

  • Water Resources, Management or Planning
  • Personal Finance
  • Mineral Resources
  • Law and Economics
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Environmental Economics
  • Economic Development


Grants, Contracts & Research Gifts

  • Econometrics. PI: Gabriel A. Lozada. Institute for New Economic Thinking, 05/2021 - 02/2022. Total project budget to date: $11,000.00
  • Debt Repayment Obligations Created by the Proposed Bear River Development Project. PI: Gabriel A. Lozada. U.S. Magnesium, 04/2019 - 09/2019. Total project budget to date: $5,000.00

Software Titles

  • JAMTimes_newtxmath. A LaTeX macro file modifying the JAMTimes package (expanded (widened) Times-Roman-like fonts for LaTeX used by the Jour­nal d'Anal­yse Mathé­ma­tique) in various ways, among them making the width of plus and minus signs equal to each other, as is standard in Mathematical typesetting. Available at Release Date: 08/02/2015. Inventors: Gabriel A. Lozada (building on the existing JAMTimes and newtexmath LaTeX packages).