ANDREA T WHITE, PhD portrait


  • Doctor of Philosophy, DEXS, University Of Utah
  • Master of Science, MEXS, University Of Utah
  • Bachelor of Science, BHEL, University Of Utah


Dr. White received her Ph.D. in Exercise and Sport Science in 1995 from the University of Utah and was appointed as a Research Assistant Professor in ESS in 1996. Her doctoral work was supported by a fellowship from the Heuga Center for MS, and her primary research focus has been centered around preserving health and function in individuals with multiple sclerosis. Recently, this work has been extended to other clinical populations.

Research Summary

A large part of my research career has focussed on ways to promote health and function in individuals with MS. Present interests include developing markers of fatigue (central and peripheral) in health and disease through studies utilizing qPCR for quantification of gene expression, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and various exercise protocols that produce fatigue. I am also interested in the role of exercise in promoting brain health.