• Chair, Senate Advisory Committee on Diversity (SACD), Academic Senate
  • Co-Chair, University Anti-Racism Committee
  • Chair of Faculty Learning Community, "Teaching in a time of pandmic, protests, and polarization", Ctle Ctr Teach & Learning Ed
  • Professor in MUSE, MUSE
  • Associate Instructor, College Of Social Work

Research Statement

Research and Scholarship

Using the more inclusive term "scholarship" (as opposed to the more narrow term "research") my scholarship has included both model building and evaluation of training projects over the past years, especially since I was promoted to the rank of Full Professor.

One area of my scholarship is building models of social work practice from an ecobiopsychosocialspiritual perspectice This perspective views people as "body-mind-spirit" organisms and views the well being of the individual as interrelated to the well being of all of humanity, all living things, and the ecosystems that support all life. I also honor and study the "artistic" aspects of practice as much as the "scientific"; these artistic aspects incldue relationship-building, loving-kindness and compassion towards others, presence, and genuinness, I continue to publish articles, chapters, and books that provide these integrative models.

I have been writing a new textbook that explores the relationship between human global survival and the psychology of the ego.

A second interrelated area involves building approaches to dialogue facilitation that can help people peacefully bridge the differences that often divide us in our personal relationships and local and global communities. This work is very "community-based" in the sense that I  "re-search" the best approaches to intergroup dialogue through my practice.with people. In the past year, I have been involved in a number of community-based scholarly intitatives, including:

1. As Director of the Transforming classrooms into inclusive communities" (TCIC) project through the University Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, I was given a two year grant in 2016 to develop and deliver trainings for instructors across campus. This year, I recived another one year grant renewal. To date, TCIC has provided Race, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (REDI) trainings to about 1300 people on campus in over 30 multidisciplinary units. Participants take an paper and pencil evaluation at the end of their trainings, and we have compiled these evaluations and anayzed them in an article our data team has written and submitted  for publication. 

2. As Facilitator of President Watkin's Anti-Racism Task Force, I have had the honor to work with a dedicated group of people who are charged with developign recommendations for the retention of Staff and Faculty of Color on campus. To that end, we have collected retention data, conducted a literature review, and contacted sister institutions.  

3. As Chair of the CSW Diversity and Social Justice Committee, I have secured a Research Assistant to help us conduct a literature review to inform our charge to create REDI recommendations for the College.



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  • English, fluent.


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