• Professor Emeritus, Political Science Department

Teaching Philosophy

My approach to teaching rests upon four principles. First, students will excel if we offer a curriculum that challenges them. If we expect a lot from them, they will appreciate our confidence in them and perform well.  Second, courses and curricula must be tailored to meet the intellectual, professional, and practical needs of students. Third, students can learn a great deal from each other in a learning environment that is conducive to the exchange of ideas and perspectives; if the classroom is structured as a marketplace of ideas, students will do a lot of shopping. And finally, I believe that teaching, research, and service are mutually beneficial; each should complement the others.

Teaching Projects

  • Quality Initiative Grant, To perform a complete program assessment of the Environmental Studies Program. . Project Lead: Daniel McCool. University of Utah. 2003 - 2004. Total Budget: $14,200.00.
  • Quality Initiative Grant, To create a new curriculum and program for the Red Rock Institute. . Project Lead: Daniel McCool. University of Utah 2001 - 2002. Total Budget: $17,000.00.
  • field trip for Wilderness Policy Class,. Project Lead: Daniel McCool. University Teaching Committee 1996 - 1996. Total Budget: $1,200.00.
  • University Teaching Grant to develop new course on water policy. Project Lead: Daniel McCool. University of Utah 1989 - present.