• Professor, History


  • "Policing Unrest in Colonial Tonkin in the Early 20th Century," Annual Conference of the Society for French Colonial History, Ottawa, Ontario, May 19-21, 2016. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 05/21/2016.
  • “’Through the Sights of a Rifle’: Colonialism, Tigers, and Natural History during the Long Nineteenth Century,” Practicing History Conference, Department of History, University of Utah. Conference Paper, Presented, 04/01/2016.
  • Categories of Conquest and Colonial Control: The French in Tonkin, 1884-1914. Conference on Violence, Colonialism and Empire in the Modern and Contemporary World, The British Academy, London, UK . Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 06/30/2015.
  • Thinking about European Colonialism, Invited lecture at Brigham Young University Department of History. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 11/11/2014.
  • Technological Innovation and Commercialization: The University of Utah Computer Science Department, 1965-1975, Society for the History of Technology Annual Conference, Special Interest Group for Computers, Information, and Society Workshop, Detroit, Michigan. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 11/09/2014.
  • Computing and Technology Transfer at the University of Utah, 1965-1980, 62nd Annual Utah State History Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah. Conference Paper, Refereed, Presented, 09/26/2014.

Research/Scholarship Projects

  • Violence and Policing in Modern France. PI: James R. Lehning. 01/01/2012 - present.
  • Colonial Contacts: European Colonialism 1700-1990 . PI: James R. Lehning. 05/01/2008 - 09/15/2103.
  • Theatrical Critics and Political Culture in 19th Century France. PI: James R. Lehning. 01/01/2008 - present.


  • European Colonialism since 1700. James R. Lehning, 09/15/2013.


  • French, functional.
  • German, basic.
  • Italian, basic.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Canada
  • Caribbean
  • Viet Nam
  • Western Europe


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  • "Technological Innovation and Commercialization: Computer Graphics in Utah, 1965-1978," Information & Culture: A Journal of History vol 51, #4 (2016), 479-499. Published, 11/01/2016.
  • European Colonialism since 1700. Published, 09/15/2013.