• Professor, History

Research Summary

" The Gurus and the American Public’s Fascination with the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS 2006-2016.” in Roman Töppel and Jens Westemeier (ed.): So war der deutsche Landser ...." Das populäre Bild der Wehrmacht. Ferdinand Schöningh Verlag, Paderborn 2019. Ronald Smelser und Edward J. Davies II


  • B.A., History, WILKES COLLEGE
  • M.A., HISTORY, Lehigh University. Project: "The Progressive Movement and the Mayoralty Election of 1912 in philadelphia"
  • Ph.D. , History, University of Pittsburgh. Project: "The Urbanizing Region: Elites and Social Change in the Anthracite Fields of Northeastern Pennsylvania, 1850-1885."

Service, Research

Service 2020

I served on the Academic Misconduct Committee, which handled several cases in the spring and fall terms, all in the Medical School. These required reading through dozens of pages of documentation and listening to statements and testimonies from the involved parties and their witnesses. I also served on the Global Learning Across the Disciplines and its subcommittee evaluating proposals for grants. I used part of my GLAD Grant to bring in Professor Sam White from Ohio State University. He is one of the leading specialists on Climate and Climate Change. He ran a two-day workshop on Climate, which covered a multitude of issues from the Little Ice Age to social disruption from Climate changes. Faculty from five departments, including History, attended the two-day workshop. Last, I continued to run a reading group on Climate with faculty from five departments. This met periodically through May 2019.

(During this year, I also began to plough through the 9000 pages of the Diaries of Julian Smith who worked with Cerro Corporation from the late 1930s through 1965. I located these records at the Pope Pius XII Research library in St. Louis where they have sat untouched for decades. The diaries are massive and will require some time to research and digest. From 1948 until his retirement Smith kept meticulous diaries on all aspect of the corporate, private, professional and political life of the company and its employees. During that time he served as head of Cerro’s Lima office, some 800 personnel. He interacted with corporate leaders and professionals, Peruvian political and economic leaders, and industry leaders across the globe from Japan and Sumatra to Holland and Switzerland. He also hosted countless dinners for major Peruvian and USA leaders and remained in touch with the President of the company. Robert P. Koenig. His diaries record intimate details on hundreds of major, figures in the company, in the Peruvian government, USA political and other corporate leaders.