Curriculum Vitae

Jan D. Miller
  • Distinguished Professor, Metallurgical Engineering
  • Ivor D. Thomas Professor (Endowed Chair), Metallurgical Engineering


Research Statement

Mineral processing and coal preparation, flotation separations, surface chemistry, particle/particle interaction and particle/bubble interaction. Fine particle flotation in a centrifugal field with the air-sparged hydrocyclone, grinding/liberation analysis, and the flotation chemistry of sulfide, nonsulfide, and fossil energy minerals. Characterization of self-assembled monolayers and LB monolayers by in-situ FTIR/IRS and Raman spectroscopy. Spectroscopic characteristics of interfacial water and the development of advanced water-repellant coatings. In-situ surface spectroscopic studies using SFG spectroscopy. Surface force measurements by atomic force microscopy (AFM) and the in-situ examination of surface micelle structures by AFM soft contact imaging. Physical chemistry of leaching, cementation and solvent extraction, the synthesis and development of magnetic activated carbon and 3D mineral exposure analysis for improved heap leach technology. Cleaning of waste coal fuels, air stripping to remove volatile organics from drinking and process water, water disinfection by ozone or chlorine sparging, dispersed/emulsified oil removal from waste water, and contaminated soil remediation. De-inking of waste paper and plastics separation in the recycling industries. A Center of Excellence has been established for the development of modified activated carbons (MACs).