Curriculum Vitae

PHILIP C EMMI, Prof. portrait
  • Professor, City & Metropolitan Planning, University of Utah



  • BS (magna cum laude) 1968, Department of Economics , Harvard University
  • Masters of Regional Planning (MRP) 1971, Department of City and Regional Planning, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Project: Markov models of housing submarket interaction
  • Ph.D. 1979, City and Regional Planning, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Project: Submarket interaction and price determination in metropolitan housing markets

Honors & Awards

  • Academic Advisor. Governor's Office of Planning and Budget, 06/2096
  • Lowell Bennion Community Service Professor, University of Utah. University of Utah, 08/1997
  • Summer Research Fellowships (multiple). Royal Swedish National Institute for Housing Research, 04/1988
  • Fulbright Scholar, Post-doctoral Research Award. Fulbright Foundation, US-Spainish Joint Commission, 04/1986


Synergistic Activities

Urban Planning Program Director, University of Utah. 1984-2007. Developed a multi-disciplinary baccalaureate program in Urban Planning. Relocated the Urban Planning Program to the newly renamed College of Architecture + Planning and developed a Masters of Urban Planning degree program with three new faculty and additional adjuncts.

Synergy Initiative. Provide intellectual leadership and guidance for a diverse team of researchers in system studies of urban demographics, urban development, water use, air quality, transportation investments, ecosystem health and quality of life.

Chair, Committee on the Adaptive Management of Environmental Systems, University of Utah, 1998-present. Designed, advanced and direct an interdisciplinary graduate certificate program to train students in system dynamics approaches to environmental modeling and policy design.

Chair, Models Subcommittee, Technical Committee, Quality Growth Efficiency Tools Project, Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget, 1996-97. Directed committee work for the State of Utah in an assessment of model-based analytical capacity for evaluating the urban system performance of alternative urban growth scenarios as part of an urban envisioning process.

Lowell Bennion Community Service Professor, University of Utah, 1997-98. Worked with the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget and the Coalition for Utah’s Future to ensure the adequacy of analytical methods to assess the urban systems performance of alternative urban growth scenarios. Co-chaired the organizing committee for a conference on Transportation, Land use and Ecology.

Fulbright Scholar, 1986, Barcelona, Postdoctoral Research Award, US- Spanish Joint Committee.  Collaborated with economists and political scientists in an assessment of urban planning practice and the management of development pressures in a newly emerging constitutional monarchy.


  • University of Southern California (USC), Assistant Professor, 07/1980 - 06/1983
  • Indiana University School of Public & Environmental Affairs (IU / SPEA), Lecturer, 07/1975 - 06/1979
  • United States Peace Corps (USPC), Peace Corps Volunteer, City Planning Program, Chile, 06/1968 - 06/1970


  • Spanish, functional.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • Chile
  • Spain
  • Sweden