Curriculum Vitae

  • Composition Area Head, School Of Music
  • Acting Theory Area Head, School Of Music
  • Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies
  • Associate Professor, School Of Music
  • Associate Professo, School Of Music


Research Summary

Writing and performance of original musical compositions.

Creative Research

  • Praxis for piano solo, commissioned by Utah Symphony pianist Jason Hardink -- in progress. Other, in progress 02/2017.
  • Brass Canons, for trombone and tuba, commissioned by Matthew Driscoll for Two Low Duo, completed December 2016, to be performed on May 15 and 18, 2017. Other, completed 12/2016.
  • 20 Questions for tenor and piano -- musical composition on a text of University poet Katharine Coles Other, completed 10/15/2014.
  • Elegies, i, So Far North for soparno and piano, performed by soprano Cheryl Hart and pianist Karlyn Bond on the Westminster College Concert Series. Performance, completed 04/07/2014.
  • Five Episodes for Four Clarinets, performed by Forward 4 Clarinet Quartet at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Performance, completed 03/05/2014.
  • Canzone for flute solo, performed by Carlton Vickers at Dixie State College Performance, completed 03/01/2014.
  • Reciprocal Measures for trombone and piano for Grace Notes -- original composition begun in October of 2014 and finished in February of 2015. Commission, completed 02/07/2014.
  • Five Episodes for Four Clarinets, performed by Forward 4 Clarinet Quartet in Copiapo, Chile. Performance, completed 02/07/2014.
  • Five Episodes for Four Clarinets, performed by Forward 4 Clarinet Quartet in At Semanas Musicales de Fruitillar, Chile. Performance, completed 02/04/2014.
  • Five Episodes for Four Clarinets Commission, completed 12/01/2013.
  • Song for tenor and piano: Afterward to Malory's Morte d'Arthur (the first of three songs for tenor Robert Brealt). Media Arts, completed 09/30/2013.
  • Elegies for soprano and piano completed in April 2012 and performed on the inaugural concert of the Eschler Music Foundation in Weston, Mass. for which I was the featured composer. Performance, completed 05/30/2012.
  • Simple Precepts (Seven Pieces for String Trio) Performed on a NOVA Chamber Music Series Concert Performance, refereed, completed 01/22/2012.
  • Intrados for piano (1995) and Encomium for piano (2000) Performed on the Radio broadcast, Highway 89 on KBYU by pianist Jason Hardink Performance, completed 01/17/2012.
  • Commission for a set of pieces for string trio resulted in "Simple Precepts, Seven Pieces for String Trio," written from March 2011 to December 2011. Commission, refereed, completed 12/01/2011.
  • December 2011 -- began work on a set of songs for soprano and piano on texts of poet Katharine Coles for a concert of the Eschler Music Foundation for which I am the featured composer of the inaugural season. Media Arts, in progress 12/01/2011.
  • To Daffodils for soprano, alto recorder, gamba and harpsichord; to be performed on a School of Music faculty concert on March 20, 2011. Other, completed 12/26/2010.
  • Completed sketch of piece for unaccompanied cello. Other, in progress 01/2010.
  • Solo Cello Piece completed in sketch. Other, completed 12/17/2009.
  • Specific Gravity (four songs for soprano and chamber orchestra) performed on the Utah Arts Festival Performance, completed 06/25/2009.
  • String Quartet in Progress. First movement completed. Other, in progress 05/15/2009.
  • Performance of Invocations for Soprano, Cello and Piano on Sunday, February 8, 2009 on a Sundays at 7:00 faculty concert by University of Utah faculty. Performance, completed 02/08/2009.