• Composition Area Head, School Of Music
  • Acting Theory Area Head, School Of Music
  • Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies, School Of Music
  • Professor, School Of Music
  • Associate Professo, School Of Music

Creative Research

  • Three Poems of W.S. Merwin performed on a Salty Cricket Composers Collective concert at the SugarSpace Warehouse in Salt Lake City by Cheryl Hart, soprano and Katie Porter, clarinet. Other, completed 11/06/2017.
  • Three Existential Songs (Original Composition) performed on a Sundays at 7:00 concert at the University of Utah byt Robert Breault, tenor and Jeffrey Price, piano Other, completed 09/17/2017.
  • Three Existential Songs (Original Composition) performed on an Intermezzo Chamber Music Series Concert by Robert Breault, tenor and Jeffrey Price, piano Other, completed 08/07/2017.
  • Encomium, piano solo, Vedrana Subotic, piano, on the Interharmony Music Fesitval in Acqui Terme, Italy. Other, completed 07/15/2017.
  • Brass Canons for Tombone and Tuba, Two Low Duo (Matthew Driscoll, trombone, Josh Calkins, tuba, performed at the Urban Arts Center, Salt Lake City, on a Salty Cricket concert. Other, completed 05/18/2017.
  • Brass Canons for Trombone and Tuba, Two Low Duo (Matthew Driscoll, trombone, Josh Calkins, tuba), performed at the Church of the Sacred Heart, Salt Lake City. Other, completed 05/14/2017.
  • Praxis for piano solo, commissioned by Utah Symphony pianist Jason Hardink -- in progress. Other, in progress 02/2017.
  • Brass Canons, for trombone and tuba, commissioned by Matthew Driscoll for Two Low Duo, completed December 2016, to be performed on May 15 and 18, 2017. Other, completed 12/2016.
  • 20 Questions for tenor and piano -- musical composition on a text of University poet Katharine Coles Other, completed 10/15/2014.
  • Elegies, i, So Far North for soparno and piano, performed by soprano Cheryl Hart and pianist Karlyn Bond on the Westminster College Concert Series. Performance, completed 04/07/2014.
  • Five Episodes for Four Clarinets, performed by Forward 4 Clarinet Quartet at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Performance, completed 03/05/2014.
  • Canzone for flute solo, performed by Carlton Vickers at Dixie State College Performance, completed 03/01/2014.
  • Reciprocal Measures for trombone and piano for Grace Notes -- original composition begun in October of 2014 and finished in February of 2015. Commission, completed 02/07/2014.
  • Five Episodes for Four Clarinets, performed by Forward 4 Clarinet Quartet in Copiapo, Chile. Performance, completed 02/07/2014.
  • Five Episodes for Four Clarinets, performed by Forward 4 Clarinet Quartet in At Semanas Musicales de Fruitillar, Chile. Performance, completed 02/04/2014.
  • Five Episodes for Four Clarinets Commission, completed 12/01/2013.
  • Song for tenor and piano: Afterward to Malory's Morte d'Arthur (the first of three songs for tenor Robert Brealt). Media Arts, completed 09/30/2013.
  • Elegies for soprano and piano completed in April 2012 and performed on the inaugural concert of the Eschler Music Foundation in Weston, Mass. for which I was the featured composer. Performance, completed 05/30/2012.
  • Simple Precepts (Seven Pieces for String Trio) Performed on a NOVA Chamber Music Series Concert Performance, refereed, completed 01/22/2012.
  • Intrados for piano (1995) and Encomium for piano (2000) Performed on the Radio broadcast, Highway 89 on KBYU by pianist Jason Hardink Performance, completed 01/17/2012.
  • Commission for a set of pieces for string trio resulted in "Simple Precepts, Seven Pieces for String Trio," written from March 2011 to December 2011. Commission, refereed, completed 12/01/2011.
  • December 2011 -- began work on a set of songs for soprano and piano on texts of poet Katharine Coles for a concert of the Eschler Music Foundation for which I am the featured composer of the inaugural season. Media Arts, in progress 12/01/2011.
  • To Daffodils for soprano, alto recorder, gamba and harpsichord; to be performed on a School of Music faculty concert on March 20, 2011. Other, completed 12/26/2010.
  • Completed sketch of piece for unaccompanied cello. Other, in progress 01/2010.
  • Solo Cello Piece completed in sketch. Other, completed 12/17/2009.
  • Specific Gravity (four songs for soprano and chamber orchestra) performed on the Utah Arts Festival Performance, completed 06/25/2009.
  • String Quartet in Progress. First movement completed. Other, in progress 05/15/2009.
  • Performance of Invocations for Soprano, Cello and Piano on Sunday, February 8, 2009 on a Sundays at 7:00 faculty concert by University of Utah faculty. Performance, completed 02/08/2009.


  • The Augmented Triad as Emotional Signifier in the Music of Brahms, presented on the U of U School of Music's Fridays with Faculty series. Presentation, Presented, 12/12/2014.
  • Fridays with Faculty theory lecture on Hypermetrical Shifted Barline in the song, Wie Melodien, by Johannes Brahms. Presentation, Presented, 04/20/2012.
  • Pre-concert lecture on the history of the Piano Quartet for the Salt Lake Chamber Music Society. Presentation, Presented, 02/22/2012.
  • Pre-concert lecture on Schubert, the Second Viennese School and Expressionism for two recitals performed by Utah Symphony pianist Jason Hardink. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 03/17/2011.
  • Invited talk by the Department of Music at Westminster College on the significance of Chopin as a composer as the opening of the first in a series of concerts celebrating the 200th anniversary of his birth. Invited Talk/Keynote, Presented, 01/26/2010.

Geographical Regions of Interest

  • France
    Commissioned by a women's chorus in Toulouse; work completed, but never performed.


  • In 2016: Soliloquy for cello solo, on a Salty Cricket Concert by Cassie Olson, cello, November 17; Reciprocal Measures (trombone and piano) performed on November 3 by Matthew Driscoll and Abbie Brewer at Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, November 3; So Far North and Lost in Thought from Elegies, for Soprano and piano performed by soprano Cheryl Hart and pianist Vedrana Subotic was performed at the Young Composers Workshop at the Univeristy of Utah, March 5; Elegies for soprano and piano performed on a 12 Minutes Max concert at the Salt Lake City Public Library on February 17. An original musical work for Trombone and Piano titled Reciprocal Measures; premiered on the Grace Notes concert at Dumke Recital Hall. Also performed at Cornell College (IA) and Wayne State College (IA) in March of 2015. Published, 02/28/2015.
  • Chapter: "Undergraduate Research in Music" Steve Roens and Gregory Young, co-authors, in "Initiating and Sustaining Research and Creative Inquiry in Undergraduate Education: A Practical Guide for Faculty in the Arts and Humanities" Ed. Iain Crawford, Sara Orel, Jenny Shanahan (CUR 2014). Accepted, 02/2014.