DAVID B KIEDA portrait
  • Co-Director, Consortium for Dark Sky Studies, City & Metropolitan Planning
  • Distinguished Professor, Physics And Astronomy

Research Summary

My research focused on the use of high-energy astrophysical phenomena to explore fundamental forces and particles. I work in the field of experimental high energy gamma-ray astronomy, currently using the VERITAS, HAWC, CTA, and FERMI Observatories. These projects provide excellent opportunities for cross-disciplinary international research projects for graduate students. I also use these projects to increase exposure of undergraduate majors to summer and academic term research opportunities.


  • S.B., Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Project: Magnetic Field Effects in Superconductors and SQUIDS
  • Ph.D, Physics (Experimental Astrophysics), University of Pennsylvania. Project: Cosmic Ray Composition and Muon Decoherence Near the Knee of the All-Particle Spectrum