• Associate Professor (Lecturer), Honors College

Research Statement


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brian Kubarycz paints and writes in Salt Lake City, where he teaches Intellectual Traditions for the Honors College of the University of Utah. His work has appeared in The Quarterly, Puerto Del Sol, Black Warrior Review, Unsaid, New York Tyrant, The Collagist, Fiddleblack, and other literary periodicals.
ABOUT THE MANUSCRIPT: The Instruments I Used is a collection of short fiction which tests the extent to which the narrating voice (as opposed to plot, character, or concept) can function as the generative force behind imaginative literature. The result is a heterogeneous mix of writings whose common feature may be little more than a fundamental enunciatiatory drive, one which produces each new sentence not as mere unit of description but rather as a singular act of legislation.

Creative Research

  • Original Score for Collaborative Performance with Stephen Brown Dance Company - "Of Meat and Marrow" Performance, completed 2013.


  • Brian Kubarycz (date unknown). Articles Published “Idiotic Square: Empire and Its Double,” in Reading Negri, Open Court Books, Creative Marxism Series, 2011 “His Life Had Stood—A Loaded Gun: Myth and Metamorphosis in The Photography of Bear Kirkpatrick,” Eyemazing, Fall 2010 “The Ducks of War: The Painting of Benjamin Duke,&rdquo... Accepted, .
  • Brian Kubarycz (date unknown). Local Journalism - Senior Staff Writer - SLUG Magazine · Learning To Mind The Signs: The Renaissance of Salt Lake's Regent Street -- July 2017 · The Life Acoustic: [Guitar] Teacher Kim Drigss -- February 2017 · Sisyphean Art: David Brothers' 'Rolithica' -- February 2016 · Seekers of Light: Sunn O))) Releases Kannon -- December 2015 · Blasting Out The Past: Repertory Dance Theater Still Salient after 50 Years – September 20... SLUG Magazine. Accepted, .
  • Brian Kubarycz (date unknown). Short Stories Published "The Orange Syringe at The End of The Line" – Unsaid 8, 2016 (forthcoming) "The Fall of Captain Thames" – Gigantic Worlds (anthology) 2015 "Trigger" – Unsaid 7, 2014 (*Pushcart Prize Nominee*) "Canopy" – Unsaid 7 "Game" – The Collagist, August 2013 (*Honorable Mention – Literarian Prize*) "Tinder" – The Collagist, April 2013 "... Accepted, .
  • Brian Kubarycz (date unknown). Poems Published 'Innocent’ – Fiddleblack 16, May 2014 ‘. Accepted, .