• PhD, English Literature - Creative Writing, University of Utah


Literature and philosophy.  Fiction writer and poet.  Visual artist.  Musician.

I developed an interest in books and painting from a very early age.  I loved my English class in high school and would never have imagined skipping or calling in sick.  When I got to college I began to study various forms of visual media, film and television.  But I found I missed the simple pleasure of reading and discussing books.  Once I selected an English major everything fell into place, and many years later I evntually found myself a professor of Intellectual Traditions in the Honors college.

Meanwhile, I maintained, against much pressure and 'sound advice,' my interest in visual art, music, and creative writing.  These commitments augmemted rather than diminished over the years. Consequently, I began to publish my own stories and poems in national journals, and I came to write about art, music, literature, theater, and dance in local periodicals.  The connections I made through journalism eventually lead to the opportunity to exhibit my paintings in some premier local galleries, and to play my own songs on some exceptional local stages. All of this has been exhilarating and instructive, and the result of my refusal to relinquish activities and passions which others considered frivolous passtimes and distractions from the serious business of scholarship.

Teaching remains a priority for me, but I hope I'm now able to supplement my book learning with valuable experiences gained through my interaction with local cultural figures.  Along with teaching the history of literature and science, I strive to make visual art and cultural performance major components of my curriculum.  I hope students will enjoy the breadth of interests and experiences I bring to the classroom.

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~ I am an artist who works in a variety of expressive mediums: verbal, visual, and musical.