Joanne Yaffe
  • Professor, College Of Social Work
  • Adjunct Professor, Psychiatry

Research Summary

My interests are in the utilization of scientific knowledge by social work practitioners for both practice and policy. Currently funded by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation to synthesize existing research, conduct experiments in facial recognition and jury instructions, and develop guidelines for designing, analyzing, and reporting research on eyewitness identification. I am also interesting in scholarly communication and reporting guidelines for social science and medical studies.


  • BS, Psychology, University of Massachusetts
  • MSW, Social Treatment, University of Michigan
  • PhD, Social Work and Psychology, University of Michigan. Project: The Developmental Log: A Method for Assisting in the Development of Innovations


Born and bred in the Land of the Bean and the Cod.  Member of Red Sox Nation.


Journal of Social Work Education (2017-2020)

Selected Works

  • Montgomery, P. & Montgomery, P., Grant, S., Mayo-Wilson, E., Macdonald, G., Michie, S., Hopewell, S., . . . Yaffe, J. (2018). Reporting randomised trials of social and psychological interventions: the CONSORT-SPI 2018 Extension. Trials. Vol. 19. Published, 07/31/2018.
  • Grant, S. & Grant, S., Mayo-Wilson, E., Montgomery, P., Macdonald, G., Michie, S., Hopewell, S., . . . Yaffe, J. (2018). CONSORT-SPI 2018 Explanation and elaboration: Guidance for reporting social and psychological intervention trials. Trials. Vol. 19. Published, 07/31/2018.
  • Yaffe, J. (2017). From the editor—Fake news, information literacy, and scholarly communication in social work. Journal of Social Work Education. Vol. 53, 369-371. Published, 07/2017.
  • Systematic reviews: Finding the best evidence in mental health. Best Practices in Mental Health, 9, 94-101. Published, 07/01/2013.
  • Christensen, B. N. & Yaffe, J. (2012) Factors affecting mental health service utilization among deployed military personnel. Military Medicine, 177, 278-283. Published, 03/2012.
  • Empty reviews: A description and consideration of Cochrane Systematic Reviews with no included studies. PLoS One, 7(5): e36626. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0036626. Published, 05/04/2012.