Tek H. Kilgore, DNP, APRN portrait
  • Assistant Professor (Clinical), College Of Nursing


  • BA, Evironmental Science, Prescott College
  • BS, College of Nursing, University of Utah
  • MSN, College of Nursing, University of Utah. Project: Chlamydia Treatment in Primary Care
  • DNP, College of Nursing, University of Utah. Project: Optimizing Screening for Depression at a Student Health Center


I'm a Maine native who moved to Arizona in the 1970's to study outdoor education at the very progressive school, Prescott College.  I did National Park Service work in many of the nation's most beautiful areas,  then moved to Salt Lake Ctiy.  I started hospital nursing in 1983, and finished all three degrees here at the University of Utah.  My first job as a Nurse Practitioner was in Park City, and came to the U and the Student Health Center in 1995.  My passions in primary care are addressing the various areas of emotioal health concerns, sports medicine, and anything to do with a procedure.  For my Capstone project in the DNP program,  I designed a system to easily screen for depression in all students who visit the Student Health Center, and have concentrated since then on the appropriate medical treatment and referral of emotional issues.  I enjoy spending time exercising, reading, and travelling with my family.