• Adjunct Assistant Professor, Ballet Department, University of Utah
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Ballet Department, University of Utah
  • Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Modern Dance Department, University of Utah


Current Courses

Fall 2014

  • BALLE 4401-001 Kinesiology I (Student Feedback)
    Location: MCD 130 (Alice Sheets Marriott Center F)

Courses I Teach

  • 4401 - Kinesiology and Physics of Ballet 1.
    This course will involve a detailed study of skeletal, muscular and neural systems involved in ballet and an examination of the functional anatomy used in ballet
  • 4402 - Kinesiology and the Physics of Ballet 2.
    This course follows Kinesiology I and builds upon the students' detailed knowledge of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular information pertinent to ballet. It will functionally examine anatomy, placing emphasis on measuring, experiencing and reflecting upon individual anatomical and neuromuscular characteristics of dance.
  • Danc 1210 - Jazz.
    In this course students will be introduced to a range of jazz dance techniques and styles - from Bob Fosse to current up-and-coming choreographers. Emphasis is placed upon cultural exploration, styling, rhythmic accuracy, alignment, and phrasing